My logo/gravatar

My Aunt Karen has been reading my blog and thought a comment or two might have gone astray because she saw another woman—and I thought maybe she saw my gravatar. Then I realized I couldn’t put a pic of my gravatar in my reply, so here is a post all about it. Is this what you saw, Karen?

My sister Juli designed this logo for my cookie-making business—My Beautiful Cookies—in 2001. I had a website designed, a magazine cover featuring my cookies pulling in business, and all systems were a go when Graydon, then 8, was diagnosed with leukaemia. I cancelled the orders for cookies that I had already taken—thank God I hadn’t cashed any deposit cheques—and that was the end of that. But, I still make the cookies (see post for Feb. 18 and Feb. 26), and I use this extremely cute illustration for my gravatar. Thank you Juli!!!


Weekend project for the whole family!

While checking out the bloggers who took part in yesterday’s Things I Love Thursdays, I came across Kaycee, who is a sewer and a recycler (images of beautiful quilts come to my mind). Her blog is called In the Moment: On life, motherhood, food and balance.

This week she referred back to making her own pair of skinny jeans from an already-owned pair of non-skinny jeans (she even did a tutorial!) And she showed some projects she’s been looking into for inspiration.

Well, I found mine! Before tying up the charity bags of clothing this weekend, we’ll be going through them on the lookout for hunks of material to make the bags you see here. I think we’ll improvise on the sizes—I see Graydon with a huge one in camouflage material, a medium one for Luka in Star Wars (old pillow cases) and something girly for Tessa. Me? I’ll wait for inspiration. The instructions to these are so easy it’ll be each kid for him- or herself, and no sewing required! For full instructions, and an incredible site, check out


Check back on Monday for the results (hahahahahaha) and the first day of our March Break! Have a great weekend!

Painting as family therapy: some success


Two of Tessa’s first paintings on Friday

This weekend I tried a switch-up for the kids—only one item on the actual to-do list: do-it-yourself art therapy. We got our stuff together, gessoed the boards and canvasses, and away we went. I’m only showing what the artists were most pleased with. Graydon decided that as much as he wanted to paint, he wanted to make cash instead, so he and his best friend headed through the neighbourhood with the lawnmower. I’m keeping all paint stuff accessible for the next two weeks, so we’ll all have time to do more. Continue reading