I can tell the summer is here!

popsicle.jpgHow can I tell, aside from the fact that I am melting? Because in the absence of teachers, lunch room attendants, volunteer, student teachers and after-school moms, I am the target for all of Luka’s questions, wheedlings, pleadings, declarations and weird statements. Continue reading


Best insurance in the world: dance lessons OR Tessa’s final showcase 2008


Tessa and her favourite jump, in her studio, Etobicoke School of Dance.
The Big Showcase was Wednesday night, at Leah Posluns Theatre, and she shone. Her dad’s parents came, along with dad, us and two of Tessa’s best friends. Laura and Kara acted as programme girls, I showed in a couple of latecomers, and then on with the show.

Did Tessa dominate the program? Absolutely! She danced in 10 of 39 numbers, one of them a solo, and two duets, and three trios. Nine complete costume Continue reading

WFMW: Every kid deserves a trophy

wfmwbanner1.jpgMy competition dancer daughter, Tessa, has many trophies. Graydon has a soccer trophy or two, plus a fabulous YOU KICKED CANCER’S BUTT! trophy. Luka, who has been very resistant to joining soccer, baseball or anything that gives out awards, had none. But he deserves one for being the sweetest kid in the world, so this is what I did: I checked out garage sales, found an excellent non-sport-themed trophy for 75¢. I used my favourite gadget, Continue reading

Four years of survivorship and counting!

photo.jpgToday, June 24 2008, marks four years of EFS for my 15-year-old son, Graydon. EFS, for the non-cancer-speakers, is “event-free survival.” While I surely wouldn’t say the last four years have been event-free, there hasn’t been any more leukemia in Graydon, and that’s what we’re celebrating. Survival rates for childhood cancers have increased steadily for the last 30 years: the figures for leukemia are the most striking. Thirty years ago a child with leukemia would die within three months; now it’s known as “the good cancer.” Continue reading

Friday was a BIG day: focus on each kid!

Cookies for Graydon’s school closing ceremonies—flowers, stars and ice cream cones—and initial cookies for my friend’s five-year-old Antonia’s birthday party on Saturday)

The Friday sked was jam-packed with special parental moments, so jam-packed that this post reaches you three days late! But it’s here…

Friday morning was the closing ceremony for the school year at Graydon’s school. Tessa and I attended, and it was a moving, entertaining and inspiring time—each student was called up and his or her teachers spoke about them, how long they’d been there, their strengths, their successes; there was a slideshow that showed the kids through the year, and then, lunch! A huge cake (what’s a party without one?), Continue reading

The bunny chewed on my homework

images-3.jpgYesterday I was all full of energy and positive Mummying and runaway enthusiam when I said the subject of today’s posting would be Thank You notes for Luka’s birthday gifts. Brides get a month to get that junk together, and I give myself one evening?!?!

What was I thinking? I forgot that Tessa (my staff photographer) had a dance performance last night, and she is the keeper of her camera. I won’t touch it. So, no photos out to parents to ask for permisssion to post here.

Plus, after getting Luka after school we had to do groceries and fisheries (groceries for fish, btw), because even though Continue reading

WFMW: You know it was a good party when…

wfmwbanner1.jpgYou know it was a good party when you open the front door the next day and see an elephant on the lawn. In this case, it was a mid-sized grey elephant sitting in the middle of the yard of the genus Webkinz, and I didn’t drink him into existence, he was a birthday gift from best friend Ehren, at Luka’s seven-and-a-half-year-old birthday party last night.

This year, I gave up entirely on having a party at home—home too messy, Mum no time to clean it—and made a dream come true for Luka with a party at Kidsports, an 18,000 square foot indoor play centre Continue reading