Painting as family therapy: some success


Two of Tessa’s first paintings on Friday

This weekend I tried a switch-up for the kids—only one item on the actual to-do list: do-it-yourself art therapy. We got our stuff together, gessoed the boards and canvasses, and away we went. I’m only showing what the artists were most pleased with. Graydon decided that as much as he wanted to paint, he wanted to make cash instead, so he and his best friend headed through the neighbourhood with the lawnmower. I’m keeping all paint stuff accessible for the next two weeks, so we’ll all have time to do more.


Half palette, half social commentary, by Tessa on Saturday


Luka on Saturday morning: the influence of cartoons or a prime, juicy target for Freudian analysis? Luka says, “What? It’s two guys on a boat.”


Try as I might, I cannot get this to the proper size, so you can view it large. It was done by Luke in Picnik on Facebook on Friday

My version of art therapy

THE QUESTION OF THE DAY: do you engage in art and crafts with your kids? Is it a large part of your time with the kids in the summer? Or through the school year too?


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