Christmas correspondence from Ukraine

Anastasia and Myk in Ukraine for Christmas (her hair is deep, deep brown, his is blond and army-short, and neither of them would wear those clothes)

From: tessa
To: jacquelyn
Sent: Wed, December 30, 2009 4:24:16 AM
Subject: Hi!

Myk and I are in Kiev right now, checking our e-mail. Luka would die not having internet at a house! No games or anything. It’s really beautiful here, and not as cold as I thought (so the jacket is warm enough, don’t worry). Also I barfed yesterday! It was eventful. I miss Luka a lot and talk about him a lot too. Also please read him this email.

Luka – do you miss me? I bet you don’t 😛 I’m joking. You can go in my room anytime remember, and the password for the computer is in that container, i hope you remember. Say hi to goosey for me, and call him crazy 😛

I love you Luka!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

And I love you too mum, and graydon…. i guess. I’m kidding. I’m getting souvenirs today, so hopefully i will find some good things for all you guys.

Okay. I am going, so say hi to…
Angel, Flopsy, Clover (crazy dog), and those stinky fish who i don’t love 😛

ps. bye lukey, i MISS YOU!!!!!!! A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Date: Wed, 30 Dec 2009 12:38:24 -0800
From: jacquelyn
Subject: Re: Hi!
To: tessa
Hello to you, Anastasia!
I was very glad to see your note when I checked in today. Luka and I are at the office for the day, me working and him playing games on the other computer. We brought a book, which he doesn’t seem to be reading (and he knows he has to read four books before he gets back to school!).
Not too much to report:
  1. Christmas tree still standing
  2. Graydon survived one overnight at dad’s
  3. Graydon is still sleeping as I type this at 2:30 p.m.
  4. Luka has finished the Indiana Jones DSi game already
  5. Nik gave me a silver bracelet and an aromatherapy unit for Christmas, and cooked an amazing two days of food
  6. we’re going to see the new Alvin and the Chipmunks movie tonight
  7. Luka still thinks he is the best (he dictated that to me just now)
And here is Luka himself:
>>>hi tessa i miss you to are u having fun?…i hop so and you better no i am just kideing or am i?<<<
And that’s the end of Luka’s contribution.
Tessa, could you please mail me back or call me with your actual return flight number? The email you sent said 8 o’clock at night, but I know we were talking about 8 in the morning at the airport. So just let me know the flight number and I can check it on my own.
Keep having a good time and call if you need anything.
We are totally missing you already.
Lots of love,
Mummy Jackie and Brothers Luka and Graydon (sounds monastic, don’t you think??)

From: tessa vvvv
To: jacquelyn waller
Sent: Sat, January 2, 2010 2:19:16 PM
Subject: RE: Hi!

Hello! We are at Myk’s dad’s house. I don’t know what the flight number is, but I think we arrive at 8:30 a.m. I miss you guys. But I will be back very soon, on Thursday (the seventh).

Luka, you are still the best.
Please take down the tree so I don’t have to help? Just joking. Kind of…..
I love you both!

Re: Hi!
Sun, January 3, 2010 2:22:41 PM

To: tessa

I just finished telling Juli how I was leaving the tree up because you like it so much and you missed a lot of Christmas here!!!
And I do know how much you love taking down the decos!

Ask Myk what the flight number is, please. I need it to get flight times, delays, etc.
We’re in Stratweird, going back home in 10 minutes. We miss you tons. Hope you’re still having an excellent time.
Love you too!