Works for Me Wednesday: Loving the Laundromat

It’s Works for Me Wednesday, and as I said yesterday, today’s post is all about the laundry.
I am a single parent with three kids, working three days a week, cramming in as many hours as possible doing any work I can find that pays, as well as trying to get all three of the young-uns where they need to go in their busy lives, while designing enriching things and experiences for them—you know the whine, we all partake of it now and then.

So, laundry. Hadn’t done it in a long time. The summer clothes came out, so we doubled our volume and the mixing and matching possibilities. But, faced with a basement and stair landings and baskets overflowing with crumpled clothes that no one wanted to descend to the dark of the basement to wash and dry, we did the only thing we could do.


We went to the Laudromat. We piled all the clothes in bags and baskets, took a 32-wash jug of Gain, half a tub of OxyClean powder and a whole bottle of Spray’n’Wash stain remover, plus $45 dollars. Everyone worked together, heaving stuff into the car, into the Laundromat, sorting into machines, putting coins into slots, detergents into wells, you know, all that laundry stuff.


I kept those kids running! It was a “Because I Said So!” moment, all in loving fun, of course. We were there for five and a half hours, spent all $45 and came home with tons of clean laundry to put away. I could sweep my laundry room floor (operative word: could).

The kids were tired, but they were a lot wiser about the ways of laundry—keep up with it at home, and you gain a Sunday afternoon!

It works for me (and us)!

Do you have any tricks, small or large, for making laundry go faster? Or more pain-free? IF SO, PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT. IT’S EASY! I’LL TRY IT!

See you tomorrow!

Laundry finished! Yay! And did I eat enough blue freezies?!?