Mom blog: Because I Said So! Monday roundup: fighting foodprep dance

images.jpgNo-Fight Friday was a complete washout—put two competitive dancers on the verge of their first competitve weekend in 10 months (Tessa and her teammate and friend, Jodi), umpteen gear bags, costume cases, water bottles and makeup cases, a 14-year-old brother with a laptop intent on pestering the girls, and a 7-year-old who’ll mimic anything that looks like fun, and before the fights were taking place at 100km/h, I set Graydon up at a friend’s house instead. Riot averted, but No-Fight Friday was a flop. Better luck in a week?

Dance weekend
Tessa danced to two golds and two high silvers, in a modern solo, tap duet, jazz duet and small group jazz. She is a bit of an achiever, so the mood Continue reading


Mom blog: No-fight Friday and a full slate of stuff

Mom Blogger JacquelynNo-fight Friday
Yes, we’re trying again. Keep the dream alive! There can be a Friday with no fighting. We had one once, we can have one again. Listening to Tessa and Graydon at this moment though, I’m not sure.
T.O. Kids’ Show
I know this is a question of geography, in that it applies only to people within driving or transit distance of the Toronto Congress Centre, but if you are, the T.O. Kids’ Show promises to be much more than a trade show. The idea behind the show, run by four mums, is one-stop family fun, where kids will be entertained instead of dragged from booth to booth. I’ll be trying to get there too.
Dance, dance, dance
The competition dance season makes its assault on our family this weekend. Hairspray hangs heavy (or light, if you believe the label) in the air as Tessa applies rhinestones to her eyes, listens to her music, texts and moves her feet to the beat. She’ll be dancing jazz, tap and contemporary. There will be a full report on Monday (and pictures, maybe).
The fish are looking tired
When do fish sleep? Ours are looking very, very tired.

Have a great weekend!

Mom blog: Because I Said So! Meeting the neighbours over a fender-bender

Mom Blogger JacquelynIn my little neighbourhood, there are no sidewalks and only single car driveways, which leads to sporadic street parking. We’re not really close to anything parking-worthy (theatres, restaurants, offices, even a corner store) so you pretty well know whose car is on the street. We met our original across-the-street neighbours 15 years ago when the man of the house plowed right into the car of a friend attending a party at our house.
Things have been very, very hectic/tense here of late (and it’s not just fish funerals), so when a serious knock came to the door yesterday, I figured Big Stuff was happening. It was Sara, our relatively new neighbour across the street. We’ve waved, but not actually visited. She’s very pretty, always chicly dressed and smiles a lot, but no smile today. And no cherry pie or casserole.

“I hit your car.” I thought, That’s OK, I’d love to hit something myself but there’s too much junk in the garage to get to the body bag. Continue reading

Mom blog: Because I Said So! WFMW go green with restaurant leftovers

wfmwsmall1-1.jpgMy sixteen-year-old daughter Tessa and I had one of those Mum-daughter ESP things last week. It happened when we were sitting in a local Thai restaurant and realized we would not be finishing the pad thai and shrimp chips (we went there specifically because we can’t finish the portions). We asked for containers, and piled the food into white styrofoam boxes. She looked up at me, I looked at her, and before I could say it, she said, “Couldn’t we just bring our own Rubbermaid container next time?”

You bet. We don’t go to restaurants nearly as much as I’d like to, and we never leave edible food behind, so it’s Rubbermaid all the way, no more styrofoam, or plastic boxes and lids to throw out. Good for the environment, and It Works for Me!

Skip on over to Shannon’s site for tons of tips, and if you want enviro tips in particular, check out Kat’s time-limited Green Living Blog entries right here on Canadian Living’s website! Enter the contest to win a dishwasher!

Mom blog: Because I Said So! To make a long fish story short…

shark-balashark-bala-1.jpg(Don’t get too in love with this fish, if you know what I mean)

I had originally planned to stretch this fish thing out over a couple of weeks, but it’s going to take so long, even I can’t stand it. Instead, here is a highlight reel of sorts:
• We go back to Walmart, return the filter, feel like a fool (me), buy some cool long blue cylinders that are supposed to, when pricked, provide a “wall of bubbles” for our fishes to enjoy, a fake coralimages-3.jpg (“real coral will kill them”), two more fake plants (“At least they won’t rot”) and five fish: a shubukin (pictured at left), two coby catfish (no photo, plus I think I made that name up because I can’t find anything in Google Images), a bala shark (above) and a blueberry tetra (at right).
• The fishes are acclimatized, then Continue reading

Mom blog: Because I Said So! Enough of Easter!


Even a kitty like Angel, long-suffering lady of a house with two bunnies, a hamster, 10 fish, two teenagers and a seven-year-old, has had her fill of people ooohing and aaaahing over two floppy-eared rodents just because it’s Easter. Enough already!

Mom blog: Because I Said So! The fish story continues…


This is not our tank.
It is my dream of an artist’s conception of our tank. I wish I was in Atlantis again. We all do.

Day 6 of March Break dawned darkly
And now, it’s back to the saga of our fish aquisition/education/adventure. It’s the sixth day of March Break, and we only have one neon tetra and one black sucker left. Luka is getting pretty sad to see his fish disappearing. I’m truly feeling like a fish killer and a bad consumer. We pile in the car and race to the Walmart, get the missing filter, buy five weird fish and a fake plant. And water conditioner. And rabbit food (we still have two bunnies whose first birthday is approaching). We race home.

At home, the last neon tetra has gone to the big fishbowl in the sky. We send Luka to play Bionicles. Continue reading