Triple negative cancer

My breast cancer is proof that the train wreck that is my life just keeps on giving! I found a huge lump under my right arm that was NOT there three days earlier. I drove directly to my doctor, he said mammogram, I went. Eleven (yes, that is 11) weeks of anxiety and a boatload of tests later, a firm diagnosis and chemo began.

I have triple negative breast cancer, with no primary site. That’s an aggressive little cancer factory that has filled up five lymph nodes (one was removed for pathology; staples were gross but the scar now looks like a little smile), and still eludes detection. I’ll have four rounds of two chemos, then four rounds of a different one, each of them two weeks apart instead of the usual three weeks (it’s an aggressive little C) then surgery to remove all the lymph nodes and likely the whole breast (you can’t do a lumpectomy if you haven’t got a primary site) (I may sound matter-of-fact about this, but trust me, I’m freaking on the inside), then radiation to wherever needs it. It’s a #&#^&@^^&@##^@*^%@!!!!! thing. I hated cancer when my son had leukemia from age 8 to 11. I still hate it.



ICR, The Institute of  Cancer Research, Science Talk: The Trials and Tribulations of Tackling Triple Negative Breast Cancer: Good explanation of the challenge in researching and beating triple negative breast cancer in plain language (mostly 🙂 )


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  1. I’m freaking out with you. wish I could fly across the country to be there with you.

  2. Glad you weathered the surgery well. The good news is that TNBC is survivable. Two weeks ago, the High Risk Breast Cancer Clinic discharged me because my diet, lifestyle, and health are on track. In two more weeks, I’ll be four years out from diagnosis, which is half way to having a lower risk of recurrence than women whose cancers were positive for receptors. Like you going through it now, I couldn’t imagine a day would come that wasn’t all about cancer, fear of cancer, side effects of cancer, and the unfairness of cancer. Yet, here I sit in the spring sun, happy, non-fearful, confident (your suggested word for non-fear – thank you), and healthy again. May it be that way for you also, and soon. Thinking of you and sending prayers your way.

    • Hi Deborah, and thank you for such a supportive note. It is difficult to believe I won’t think about cancer all day, every day, one day! My pathology appointment is tomorrow, so I’ll have a good indication of what the future holds. Thank you for reaching out.

  3. […] when Jackie found out she had cancer.  Not just any cancer, Triple Negative Breast Cancer.  TNBC  is an aggressive form of cancer that has no primary site.  When I learned that she had been stuck […]

    • Wow! What a cool, thoughtful trip down memory lane. I love it. You can only imagine what OUR kids could have got up to if we lived closer than B.C. and Ontario!

      You wrote it very well, because you really took me back there. ❤

  4. omg…hugs and prayers…AT/RT took my best friend’s son….cancer sux!!!!

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