Mom blog: Because I Said So! Feeling weirdly happy…

Mom Blogger JacquelynIt’s a weirdly happy day for me, started off by the fact my sainted father-in-law came to my house yesterday and washed all the dishes, and is returning today to fix the leaky faucet. I cleaned off the entire counter around the sink for the occasion, and making breakfast felt like I was working on a television set, maybe Martha’s, it was so clean and empty. Tessa made Luka’s lunch the night before—score! Save 15 minutes in the morning and they’re all my minutes.
Then, I hear Britney is finally getting a mental health evaluation, and I want to hug someone. This woman’s
experiences, plastered all over the media, will bring so much attention to mental health and addictions (I hope she just plays with drugs and there isn’t a true addiction there as well) that maybe our countries will finally realize the cost and devastation of mental illness, and the fact that it can hit anyone. Brit will also be dashing Continue reading


Mom blog: Because I Said So! Hiccup relief


It’s a super-short Works for Me Wednesday tip that ALL parents, teachers, babysitters, in short, all people who can’t stand the sound of hiccupping, needs. Our family’s cure for hiccups:

Take a breath and swallow three times. But, you must take a little breath in between the swallows. Here is the play-by-play: Continue reading

Mom blog: Because I Said So! Guest blogger on shopping with Mom

In this case, I am the Mum, and it’s my daughter, Tessa, who was doing the real shopping. She is my guest blogger today, and will show off her most recent stealin’ deals from the likes of Urban Outfitters, H&M and Forever 21, all of which also have online shopping too. There are pics and commentary, but she is asleep right now. So bookmark her now, and check back around, what time do teenagers arise on the day after they’ve written their last exam??? Try noon, maybe?

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to see what she posts… Continue reading

Mom blog: Because I Said So! Family literacy, No Fight Fridays update

Mom Blogger JacquelynFAMILY LITERACY
My mother uses the expression “a day late and a dollar short,” and that describes perfectly my lateness with Family Literacy Day, which was January 27—yesterday. We were so busy doing cloze exercises (I had no idea until two years ago what this word meant—I thought those sentences were called “fill in the blanks”) that the wonderful opportunity to read together as a family was lost. Never mind that I can’t imagine how a 7, 14 and 16 year old would read together. I read with Luka every night. Tessa devours books holed up in her room. I mistakenly ripped one of Graydon’s hip-hop fanzines in half in a frenzy of recycling Sunday morning, so I don’t think I’d have gotten far with a plea to read to him. Heavens knows not one of them knows how to read the Chore Chart I have so carefully taped to the fridge with red masking tape.

ABC Canada Literacy Foundation is behind Family Literacy Day and the many events held across the country to encourage reading. Continue reading

Mom blog: Because I Said So! No Fight Fridays

Mom Blogger JacquelynExhale anyone who read yesterday’s post. Graydon cleaned the baby powder off the TV screen, since it is the thing he stares at second most in the world, and his friend didn’t come over. Graydon read this as: my friend doesn’t come over, I don’t have to clean up my mess from the shaving-foam-bug-spray-baby-powder fight. How weird! As a parent and an adult, I would have read it this way: friend doesn’t come over, dang, I have to clean up this mess by myself. Aren’t kids funny like that? Especially teens, who have a strange new way of interpreting the simplest of action=consequence situations.

Which brings me to my latest concept in the quest for a creative, peaceful, well-run home: No Fight Fridays. Continue reading

Mom blog: Because I Said So! I’m a “parenting teens” course graduate

Mom Blogger JacquelynOn Tuesday I promised I would write about the Parenting Teens course/workshop series I have been taking since November. When I saw the sheet advertising it: HELP! I Have Teens!, I thought, Hey, maybe this is just what I need. I do nothing in the evenings but laundry, chauffer, cook, clean, supervise homework and fights, grocery shop and work, why shouldn’t I take a course too? And forget belly dancing or yoga, I write the Mom Blog, so so I’ll give my all for research!

I can’t spill everything I learned there, because it’s not what you learn, it’s how you put it into practice. I will now give an example of parenting I’m proud of Continue reading

Mom blog: Because I Said So! WFMW taking notes in the car


It’s Wednesday, and time for a spin on Works for Me Wednesday, a blog carnival hosted by Shannon at After you’ve read what works for me and left a comment if you like, click through to Shannon’s blog, and you can read “what works for” other blog writers and readers.

Gone are the days of fumbling in my purse, Continue reading