Mom blog: My daughter in urgent care

MY OWN LITTLE BUNDLE OF JOY My daughter needs to sit down too – “it’s my
FOOT, remember Mum?” – so she sidles off and finds a chair and attempts
math homework. “This is really hard.” “Who cares how high this building
is?” “I can’t do this.” “I need a calculator.” I offer her my phone, Continue reading


Mom blog: Going to urgent care

OOOOH, OOOOOOH, DAY THREE!!! Oh gosh, in my technicolour dream last night (I dream in full colour, loud sound, wall-to-wall in my skull every night) I had written everything I had. I had virtually emptied my brain into the computer, and Continue reading

Mom blog: What we did with the hamsters

DID WE PUT THEM IN THE SAME CAGE???? Yes. At first we didn’t want to
separate them: they came from the pet store together, they snuggled
together, they looked so cute. Continue reading

Mom blog: All about Jacquelyn, the mom blogger

Mom Blogger Jacquelyn
Hello. If you are reading this, you are the witness to the very first words of’s Mommy blogger. I am thrilled to be here – winning the reader poll to become the Mommy blogger is on my Top Ten List of Achievements, along with giving birth to my three incredible children, beating back my son’s leukemia, being nominated for a National Magazine Award, hanging on to a marriage for 19 years, quitting smoking, and the rest are state secrets. Continue reading