Mom blog: What we did with the hamsters

DID WE PUT THEM IN THE SAME CAGE???? Yes. At first we didn’t want to
separate them: they came from the pet store together, they snuggled
together, they looked so cute. They took turns on the wheel, took turns
in the Sailor Moon palace, wonderful sisterly conduct, until Bunny
bumped into Nibbles, apparently forgot who she was and proceeded to
remove her ear and part of her (gasp!) grey matter. I’ll spare you the
trip to the vet, but Nibbles healed up very well, doesn’t seem to miss
the ear, and she’s in her twilight years now.

What qualifies me as a Mommy blogger? Aside from the fact I stockpile dead hamsters waiting for the spring thaw? And don’t call the Humane Society or Childrens Aid or
PETA – they’re all in their forever resting places now, and the freezer
is safe again. I did career first, lots of school, married a boy I dated
in high school, through university and out into the working world. We
lived, worked and married abroad – in Oxford, England. We had wedding
pictures taken under the cherry blossoms at the Debating Union. I had a
girl (projectile vomiting with EVERY feeding), then a boy, then a boy,
nine years between the first and last. Cancer hit my middle son before
my youngest had his first birthday – we had that first birthday party at
the foot of a bed in The Hospital for Sick Children’s oncology ward.
Christmas dinner, turkey and all the trimmings in the cafeteria! That
was a weird one. I have been a working mum;, an unemployed mum, a
hang-around-the-JK-and-volunteer mum. I bake and decorate the most
fabulous cookies for all special occasions, make baklava, but have never
roasted a turkey. I have two excellent sisters, an excellent brother and
a mum and dad who still ask me when I’m going to move back to my

SAY HI? If you’re reading and you’ve a moment, would you like to say hi?
I’m hoping some clever Web person will give me a button on here that’ll
let you say hi. And that’s all. No big welcomes, or “sign on to my blog”
please, just a little shout out so I can know if eight or ten of you are
out there. Because I’m in here.


2 Responses

  1. Hi Jacq

    All well on this front.


  2. Ha! Love your description of the hamster incident. If it wasn’t so gory I’d send it to my daughter, but given her feelings about hamsters I don’t think she’d appreciate the ‘grey matter’ remark as much as I. Good to know, though, for future reference that sister hamsters can not live together!

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