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I started this blog years and years ago (2007) as a single-mum blogging about double parenting—being the mum AND the dad—of three children ages 16, 14 and 6, a dog, a cat, two bunnies, countless hamsters and disappearing fish. I was the single mum blogger for Canadian Living magazine (excellent magazine and site still!), which was a thrill every time I went to their site and saw my blog hosted there.

Since I found my lumps, endured 11 weeks of testing to find out what kind of cancer it was (they never found a primary site, just the metastasis in the lymph nodes), the blog has become primarily a single-mum-with-triple-negative-breast-cancer blog.

If you’re interested in reading about my cancer side trip, start reading here. If you want to cruise through some early entries, and meet the family, start here. Happy reading.


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  1. First off let me say how much I truly enjoyed reading your blog years ago! And thank you for letting me know you are blogging again. I”m terribly sorry for your journey to include cancer and am praying for your best possible outcome, for your continued strength and for your ability to find the blessings in each day. ~

    • It’s soooooo nice to hear from you! I know the blog has more serious stuff in it now, but as I get better, I hope to transition back to just fun stuff. One thing I will definitely do is get Tessa to model some of her crocheting. When I found out about my cancer, I waited until she was finished university exams to tell her. She moved straight home (Florence Angel Nightingale), and demanded that I teach her how to crochet so she could keep her hands busy in the hospital. I taught her and she went berserk! Are you still crocheting? Thank you for your prayers—I need all I can get, and appreciate every one.

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