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Hello. If you are reading this, you are the witness to the very first words of’s Mommy blogger. I am thrilled to be here – winning the reader poll to become the Mommy blogger is on my Top Ten List of Achievements, along with giving birth to my three incredible children, beating back my son’s leukemia, being nominated for a National Magazine Award, hanging on to a marriage for 19 years, quitting smoking, and the rest are state secrets.

One thing you’ll learn about me is a secret is a secret. And a state secret is even more sacred. Don’t ask me how old I am.

I am a mom (I prefer mum – my kids call me “Mummy” not “Mommy”) (when they’re not calling me Goofy-Head, or Boss, or Mummy-Dearest, or Slave-Girl-Mummy – this is only allowed from my six year old). I have three kids whom I am currently in negotiations with regarding their privacy, the parameters of their exposure in my blog, any possible compensation – this is where I start laughing hysterically and negotiations predictably break down. The cat, Angel, who is nothing like her name, lives here, as does Nibbles the hamster.

When things were getting very stressful in our home a couple of years ago, the kids thought it would
be good to get a hamster. They actually thought it would be way better to get a dog, but I’m not that crazy. I was crazy enough to be talked into not one hamster, not two, not three, you get the idea. We had six hamsters at the height of our love-in, in five cages. We were told that sisters could live together in the same cage. Miss Jellybean and Princess Lou Lou shared a cage for quite a while, until one day we thought Jellybean had escaped. But how could she escape when the door
was near impossible for us humans to open? Realization dawned ugly when we spied a wee half-square-inch of Jellybean-coloured fur. Hamstericide!

Suffice to say, Jellybeans’s piece of fur was carefully wrapped and boxed and shrink-wrapped and triple Ziplocˆbagged and put in the freezer alongside Hammy Yu-Gi-Oh, Crazy Connie, Victor and Ooch, to wait for the spring thaw for appropriate
internment. We got a few more hamsters, among them Nibbles and Bunny. Sisters. Did we put them in the same cage?

Read my next blog to find out.

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5 Responses

  1. How refreshing that you use “mum” rather than “mom.”

  2. Only true hamster afficionatos would know the secret to whether Nibbles and Bunny should be placed in the same cage. If indeed they are sisters, once they are mature, they will squabble and fight to the bitter end until one reigns supreme as the queen of the cage, The other will be destined for the plastic wrap scenario. If the sexing isn’t done properly and one turns out to be male in a female cage – look out…those other cages are going to be needed before you know it.

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  4. Hello! Good Site! Thanks you!

  5. Interesting about the hamsters! My son and daughter thought about pooling their saving together (once they have savings that is!), to buy one cage and two female hamsters. Then my son was informed, by his father, that hamsters make him sick (allergies suck…pet, and his more serious one of peanuts/nuts). My daughter has since decided she doesn’t want to save for a hamster after all…so I guess we’ll remain pet free for a while longer. (Though my son is now talking about a fish…ugh, I hate fish!)

    Also, funny about ‘mum’. My daughter calls me ‘mother’, as in “Mother…” to which I reply “Daughter…?” My son calls me “Mommy”. I felt very formal signing off my emails to her at camp recently, as “Mother”, lol.

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