Wow! That last little while just flew by!

smileyIsn’t it sad how when you are not in a position to HAVE to do something, you often don’t do it? I speak for myself here, and it’s about this blog—I used to do it because I was THE Mom Blogger for Canadian Living magazine, a fabulous national magazine that I still get and read and look forward to, even if I am not the blogger of record on the website.

But being there, on the site, with a fresh post every day, made me feel so connected to the blogosphere, where I exchanged friendly tips and words of encouragement with real-life relatives and friends and people I would never meet no matter how many hours there are in the day and dollars in the world. But it was fun while it was demanding.

Question: Is posting once a month too stupid? Maybe. Every two weeks? Every whenever there’s enough time? That’s likely what it should be.

So there’s my new schedule: a posting whenever there’s enough time.