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My Aunt Karen has been reading my blog and thought a comment or two might have gone astray because she saw another woman—and I thought maybe she saw my gravatar. Then I realized I couldn’t put a pic of my gravatar in my reply, so here is a post all about it. Is this what you saw, Karen?

My sister Juli designed this logo for my cookie-making business—My Beautiful Cookies—in 2001. I had a website designed, a magazine cover featuring my cookies pulling in business, and all systems were a go when Graydon, then 8, was diagnosed with leukaemia. I cancelled the orders for cookies that I had already taken—thank God I hadn’t cashed any deposit cheques—and that was the end of that. But, I still make the cookies (see post for Feb. 18 and Feb. 26), and I use this extremely cute illustration for my gravatar. Thank you Juli!!!


2 Responses

  1. I explained in a previous post about the lady, Heather. I hope you find her as she would understand what you are going through having been there. Maybe her info pops up for me to follow her????? Not sure.
    It’s too bad about your business having everything ready to go. You could maybe re-start later on??

    It’s Saturday, how are you feeling today?

    • All straightened out with Heather! She has been exactly where I am going, so I am following her, figuratively and literally.

      On Saturday, which is Day 12 on my 14-day schedule, I’m feeling pretty good!

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