Mom blog: Because I Said So! Root canals and raccoons

dscf2936-1.jpgIsn’t this pretty? I am trying today to focus on pretty, sparkly, pleasant things because yesterday I capped off seven days of increasing tooth and jaw pain with an emergency pulpectomy, which felt as horrible as the word sounds. This morning I am off the painkillers, hitting the ibuprophen, taking four horse-pill clindamycin HCL 300mg, my body aches, my jaw aches, and the Mastercard couldn’t hobble through Sobey’s last night for my “soft diet” needs. Oh woe is this mum.
On the happy side, we have a beautiful day here, my driveway is a blanket of electric green bud casings from the maple tree, which thrills Luka to no end, and the lilac trees are just starting to blossom. On the challenging side, the raccoons have figured out how to bypass a two-by-four and snowboard wedged between the garage door and the 400-pound basketball base and weighed down by two cast-iron Christmas tree stands. Which means we’ll be enjoying the wonderful long weekend by cleaning out the garage.

Made your weekend plans yet?
Have anything you’d like to share concerning:
a) garage cleaning and organizing?
b) planning for a garage sale?
c) how to fix scooters?
d) best incentives for kids to pitch in and help?
e) best refreshments for garage cleaning?
Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated.
See you tomorrow!


2 Responses

  1. The answers to all your woes, starting with the root canal pain, is of course… Morphine. None of it will matter and you will enjoy the long weekend. Good luck with your ambitious plans!

  2. JACKIE! It looks like the Snap Cup I made for Tessa’s birthday last September!

    Snap Cup time, Snap Cup time,
    gather ye round,
    friends and foes together,
    united and bound.
    Pass it to your neighbour
    instead of blowing up!
    And we’ll find harmony and love in the

    Song thanks to Legally Blonde.
    Hope your mouth feels better! I feel your pain! I’ve had my share of mouth surgery! Best remedies are: ice cream, jello, mashed potatoes and those mandarin oranges that come in a can. And plenty of drugs, of course!

    xo Erika

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