Chemo N°6 still on hold

So, no chemo yesterday. My platelets are still tanked.

They were 70 when I had bloodwork for my sixth chemo. My doc said no, come back next week for repeat bloodwork and we’ll see where you are. Well where I was was 85. I thought “at least I’m going in the right direction” and my doc said “no chemo.”

She said I could wait another two weeks and we’ll check the levels again. I was unhappy, and she said there’s another option—we could just skip the last chemo and I will be finished with treatment. Ha! I was asking her at my last appointment if I could have an additional round of chemotherapy because of these delays, so there’s no way I’m going to cut and run. I want every last bit of the poison prescribed to me.

What can I do to boost my platelets? Nothing. And that adds to my frustration. I cut my finger by accident last week while washing dishes—while washing knives, to be accurate—and it was a little cut that took three days to fully close. That’s an indication of what could happen to my internal organs, so I see why healthy platelet counts are necessary to keep up the chemo. My marrow is tired, from this chemo and radiation, and, as my doc and nurses have pointed out, from my previous chemo and radiation. I found that scary, that seven years later my marrow still carries the damage of my earlier treatment. Ug.


So the delay, if my bloodwork is good enough for chemo in two weeks, means I’ll have had six weeks between rounds, not best practice, not on my protocol.


I am going in on Monday (in two days) to the lymphedema clinic at Princess Margaret to be assessed for lymphedema in my feet, ankles and legs. While the burning, pain, swelling and tightness have been major probs, thinking they will go away when I finish treatment is what has made the situation bearable. When I asked at clinic if there was any chance it was actually lymphedema and not chemo side effects, I got a referral lickety-split.

What’s the rose? That I’ll be getting answers in less than 48 hours!

Roses are red, violets are blue….

These are flowers sent by Kelly, an amazing friend for almost 30 years (holy waaa! such a long time!!). She came to one of my breast cancer chemo days back at St. Mike’s, and we had a great time. This time around, with COVID, vaccines and basically no visitors allowed at the hospital, she has sent me flowers every month, and they have focused my attention on their beauty, colour, scent and reminded me that there are many beautiful things going on around me. It is easy to be mindful when something this gorgeous is right in front of you. And yes, I do move them from room to room to get maximum effect. Thank you Kelly!

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  1. The flowers are so lush looking… beautiful.

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