My life as a sloth: What else did I miss?

Still a fairly constant state for me. And no actual attribution for this photo other than, which seems to be a place to post pics you've stolen from someone else. Sigh.

Still a fairly constant state for me. And no actual attribution for this photo other than, which seems to be a place to post pics you’ve stolen from someone else. Sigh.

Sometimes I read my last post and ask myself, “What was I on?” I sound so alert. That’s when I realize that when I am awake and up and moving, I am still a force to be reckoned with. Then there are days like today, when cats Benny and Angel escaped through the front door only to appear on the 10-foot-high kitchen ledge, demanding rescue. I stumbled into the backyard to get them and found a flower garden gone wild: forget-me-nots, phlox, end-stage lilacs, raspberry bushes pushing through the deck, Some plants (of course they are weeds) are as tall as me. When was the last time I was out here?

My lily of the valley? All dead.

What time is it? I start harvesting my lily of the valley by the bucketful when they first blossom, I take them to the office, day after day, doling them out. The kids pick them and bring them in the house, stuck in vases and mugs and Mason jars. There are gobs of them every year on my birthday, May 31. Where have I been?

I got the kitties, and called the clinic to check on my rescheduled followup—one year from my May 22 goodbye breast and lymph nodes surgery—only to find it was this morning at 8. Sorry, missed that.

I missed celebrating National Cancer Survivors Day, which was last Sunday, which I didn’t even know about until 9 p.m. that day (where was the memo on that one?!?!). I missed going to Animé North, the annual convention and celebration of Japanese culture through anime, manga, music, games, cosplay, costumes, etc. with Luka for the second year in a row (both times because of breast surgery, go figure). I missed the Sunnylea Spring Fair, a really sweet fair at the kids’ primary school where I manned the cookie decorating booth for a decade and always donated plates of my fancy iced cookies to the bake sale. I missed picking up my Tessa at the airport from her last sojourn to Russia, the only time I have not greeted her at the arrivals gate, and this time she came back as an engaged woman! (surgery again).

Ug. I am low. I am so sad about the damn lily of the valley. I must go sleep or find some cute baby animal videos on YouTube.

3 Responses

  1. Can only imagine how abnormal things must be. I think it’s brave of you to write the list of all the things that you “should” have done because that can be depressing. Wanna know what I see when I read that list? A whole bunch of stuff that can come back around next week or next year.
    And I’ll bet it’s awesome to have Tessa back home 🙂

  2. I wish I could find you lily of the valley 😦 and don’t worry about not picking me up, everything was fine, I was just happy to see you and it wouldn’t matter where I got to, whether at the gate or at home ❤ I love you mum, you do everything for me, don't feel bad

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