Mmmmmmaple: My prize for first follow-up appointment


This is not a Second Cup advert. It just does a great job of celebrating maple and making me think I should just pour maple syrup in my next coffee...

This post is not a Second Cup advert. This photo just does a great job of celebrating maple and making me think I should just pour maple syrup into every coffee I make…


May 20, 8 a.m. follow-up with my plastic surgeon. Her nurse marvelled at the ingenious functional work of art in progress that is my left breast. I told the doctor that the nurses, resident even clinical assistants all stared at it in wonder and she laughed that now people will be talking. I said let them talk. If it works it’ll be worth it. They removed the dressings, green and brown bruising, cleaned everything up, removed the drains (yay!) , gave permission for a real honest-to-God-stand-under-running-water shower in 48 more hours, and made a second follow-up appointment for one week later.

Nik had to leave me at hospital because he had a meeting across town, so I elected to head out to Queen Street and see if I felt like a Queen Street streetcar all the way to Etobicoke, then a bus (VERY BUMPY, my body was warning me), or splurge on a cab.

As I stood there weighing the $3 vs $28 question, my eye wandered over to the Second Cup. Being on disability has made me even more cheap budget conscious than I was before as a single parent living in Canada’s second-most expensive city (Vancouver wins the dubious distinction of being most expensive). Second Cup might as well have been a Prada pop-up shop for the attention I gave it every time I went to St. Mike’s over the last 18 months. The only time I had a Second Cup coffee during that time was when Graydon treated me! Staring back at me from the wall beside the counter was the photo I put above. Maple is my favourite all-time flavour. I am most happy when I have an amber, medium and light maple syrup at home in my fridge. Standing there, feeling very sore, and a bit sorry for myself I admit, the pull of a cup of maple-infused steamed frothed milk and coffee was too much.

Three minutes and $5.05 later, I had a medium maple latté in my hand, and five minutes after that I had my butt in the backseat of a cab, and all the way home the driver and I commiserated over the price of coffee, car repairs, fresh lamb, cell phone service, internet charges, you name it.

And I drained that latté.


6 Responses

  1. Love maple everything too.. Ok not donuts… Maple donuts are gross.. But everything else, yes please! Funny thing is that I actually DO put maple syrup in every coffee that I make!! I only drink occasional coffee, so when I do, I splurge. Great to see our genes match in the maple department, haha! ❤️❤️

    • Maple must be in our genes! I bought organic maple flakes from Tessa’s health food store with the purpose of using them in my coffee, but I ended up just eating them instead. Now I just go the direct route and pour in syrup when I really splurge. On days when I have to stay awake and cannot nap at all, I drink five or six strong coffees, so I can’t use maple syrup every time—I’d go broke and weigh 50 pounds more! ❤

  2. I haven’t checked your blog for a few months and I see your adventures continue! So glad read about your progress (not glad anout the setbacks), and continue to wish you the very best.

    • Thank you so much for checking in! Lymphedema is a big drag, especially with hot days starting to outnumber cool ones, but I’m feeling much better after the last surgery and my cancer is in remission, so things are very good. I hope you’re doing well too, and thanks again for saying hello.

  3. A streetcar would have been agony, glad you opted for the cab!

  4. You deserve a personal driver and 1000 maple lattes ❤

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