Triple negative celeb cover: Joan Lunden on People

Even before the October pinkwashing began, our latest celebrity triple negative breast cancer patient was spreading her personal battle with TNBC on every newsstand with her People magazine cover. I was already dipping out of going to WalMart, Targé and malls of any kind (I’m completely creeped out by all the breast cancer pink on everything) when this appeared:


It’s a far cry from this crazy hair day cover:


I was all over Joan Lunden’s story in June when she revealed that she had been diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer. With only 15 to 20 per cent of women with breast cancer being diagnosed with triple negative, and with all the articles and stories and reports saying the prognosis for TNBC is poor, I latched on to her story. I checked her website, read her blog, etc. This cover was about her not waiting for her hair to fall out, but shaving her head. Yuk. I did that too. Either way, we were both still bald., and I still hate how I look.

But Joan was out and about all October, appearing with the WWE, Susan G. Komen, on the Today Show as a guest host for the first week of October (video of her and hundreds of breast cancer patients/survivors/warriors), so triple negative is getting some press, finally.


7 Responses

  1. It’s good that triple negative cancer now has a celebrity attached to it even if she is still confining herself to her hair loss. Is the article complete fluff or is it worth a read?

    • Pretty fluffy, nothing really on triple negative, but I’m hoping she gets very TNBC-centric and brings in some funding. The article did explain why she went chemo first, when the typical path for women in the media seems to be diagnosis, bilateral mastectomy, then the rest.

  2. At least TNB is finally getting press. I didn’t know it existed a year ago.

  3. oops… TNBC… typo… and I don’t see an ‘edit’ option.

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