pink, pink, pink, PINK, PINK, PINK, pink, pink, pink

I did not see this, I saw it on xxx blog (vvv), and maybe found the original at

I did not see this display in a store—I’ve been avoiding stores like the pink plague this month. I saw it on Stephanie Gilman’s blog Pass Me Another Cupcake blog (, and maybe found the original (

This photo totally explains why I’ve stayed out of the grocery stores this month. Pink packaging runs amok in October. Pink soup, pink juice, pink milk, pink M&Ms (pink outside package, pink M&Ms inside the bag), pink toilet paper, pink curling irons and blow dryers, pink Kitchen Aid mixers for heaven’s sake!!! Please send me one. And a big bag of those M&Ms.

I’ve been trying to write a posting on October, you know,



But I am so conflicted I can’t really get anything out on paper. Or here either.

I knew October would suck for me. I discovered my lumps last October. I feel as though I have let my pink sistahs down—I never painted a pink ribbon on my nails, or dyed my hair pink before it fell out, or wore pink to chemo days. I don’t have a magnetic pink ribbon on my car, or one hanging from my rearview mirror. I don’t call myself a cancer warrior, and I haven’t signed up for a cancer run or walk. I discussed with my psychiatrist (new experience for me, an actual real psychiatrist just for me) how I haven’t gone to any group sessions, have done no bonding with any other breast cancer women, or men for that matter.

What I have found is some excellent writing by other bloggers who have breast cancer, and over the rest of this month I will be reposting some of their posts.

As for me and the avoidance of stores this month? I have Thanksgiving dinner dishes to prepare, and there is not enough in the fridge to cobble anything together, save a pearl onion, olive, anchovy, pickle and fish sauce stew, and I don’t think there’ll be any takers for THAT one!

So it’s off to the shops later today. Maybe I’ll wear my wig. And I won’t be wearing pink.


5 Responses

  1. Wow we are SO related! Like you, I most definitely DO NOT jump on those bandwagons. And I don’t need to explan why, because you already know. and yes, I hate shopping too. BUT I’m damn THANKFUL that you’re now cancer free and I’m going to do my damndedst to get out east to see you and my Mom. ❤ Since you don't have facebook, I"m going to wirte here what I posted today. I rarely post status updates, but I posted one today and it includes you:

    Words can't express the gratitude that I have. I'm blessed in so many ways that I can't even count them. My most amazing family and friends… you know who you are ❤ I love you all so very much. I'm thankful for every day that I wake up and the abundance that my life is filled with. ❤

    We have an awesome family ❤

  2. PS1 don’t feel conflicted… that’s like feeling guilt, which is a waste of energy. Just appreciate who you are and the amazing contributions that you’ve given the world. Really, the universe loves you, regardless of whether you hop on that bandwagon or not. ❤ Just sayin' ;D xoxoxoxo

  3. PPS- do you have your cell phone handy most of the time? So I can text you?

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