I am no longer the unhappy host of a purple heart-shaped power port! My chest is appliance free!

Last week I was at St. Mike’s at 7 a.m., two bruises on my arm from unsuccessful blood draws the previous day, for the procedure. An hour later, paper booties and gown on, I had the start of two more bruises and was waiting for the “IV nurse.” I don’t know if that’s an official title, or she was called that because of her reputation, but two minutes after she walked in, she had the IV launched. I met a very sweet nurse outside the operating room who said no problem to medication that would have me cool and calm through the procedure, then met the same doctor who inserted the port in February, and it all went off without a hitch. It took half as long to take it out as it did to put it in.

I did have a special request, which was to take my port home with me. Not for me, but for Graydon. When his port was removed when he was 11, after 30 months of chemo, SickKids refused to hand it over—too degraded. So when he asked for mine, I said sure, and the doctor said sure too. He also said Graydon was getting a far better one than what they used in 2001, when his was inserted. They popped it into peroxide, and when they handed it to me, it looked like it would make a nice pendant, with the right wire and beadwork.

The doc left me with an incision that is barely visible—it is incredible. I’d post a pic of it, but the bruising obscures the line right now, so it’ll wait.

Back in my little day surgery cubicle, I had another super nurse who went to bat for me for a pain med—the early hour I had to leave the house that morning left me a little scattered, and I left my meds dosette at home, and I was going directly from the procedure at St. Mike’s to Princess Margaret for radiation, and the freezing was already leaving my chest!

She came through, and that, with my good pills at home for the next day, was all the pain medication I needed. I give St. Michael’s Hospital an A+ for this day.

One more step to the end of treatment out of the way!


7 Responses

  1. Hooooooooray!!!!!

  2. Brilliant! So happy for you. PICC line coming out tomorrow. Not sure I will keep it though. Congratulations! j x

  3. Awesome for you! I look forward to the day my protruding device departs my body too – it looks like an alien living in my scrawny body! Enjoy your new ‘freedom’!

    • Thank you! That was the weirdiest feeling ever, having an appliance sticking out of my chest that the nurses would grab and hold through the skin——yuck!!! I am now able to swivel my head without worrying about the wire, and I can sleep on my left side now for short periods. Yay!!

  4. So happy for your good news!

  5. Yaaay! One step farther away from cancer! ❤️

  6. I meant to ask you about this today!!!

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