It’s hard to be vain when you look like this: Another post devoted to my hair

Finally, enough hair to show up in a photo!

Finally, enough hair to show up in a photo!

I finished my chemotherapy on April 8 with four rounds of Paclitaxel. I took this photo last night, June 26, and there’s enough to show up on a photo! My onc said that many women actually shave their heads for a while when their hair starts to grow back because it comes in unevenly or patchy. I intended to shave mine too, particularly when I gave Luka permission to shave out a Bat-Signal centred on the back of my head, maybe like this one:


Unfortunately, Luka and I were too ambitious, because you actually need a decent growth to do a fade like this. Mine was a washout. The good thing was, even though Luka cut loose with the shaver, after a few weeks you could barely see the shape, so I plunged ahead and did not do an all-over shave.

Now I just have to wait, and wait, and wait…



2 Responses

  1. I think you look absolutely adorable!! My hair is taking a more tortoise approach, slow and steady. Get it, hair, hare…?

    What I don’t understand is why my scalp is showing through my hair but I still have to pluck and shave the rest of me. No fair. Can’t I at least have the good with the bad. Well at least I still have held onto by eye brows so thank heavens for small mercies.

    • Why thank you! You are too kind. I was born with more hair than this, so adorable is hard for me to accept! My chemo wiped out every hair on my body, from head, eyebrows, eyelashes, armpits, TMI, TMI, TMI, right down to the hairs on my toes. You probably just need a few more infusions and you’ll be hanging up your Bic!

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