To eyebrow, or not to eyebrow?


Way back in February Tessa and I attended a Look Good, Feel Better seminar. I was pretty successful at getting my skin cleansed and toned and moisturized and made-up, all except for the eyebrows. From that day:

After putting the eyebrow pencil dots at the right co-ordinates, using the inside of my eye and the outside of the iris to line it all up, the seminar leader came over and told me I had lovely eyebrows and we had to get rid of the dots. But what do I do when the eyebrows go the way of the rest of the hair on my head? Then I’ll be making strategic dots and filling in the rest. Ugh.

So, here I am, parked outside of a hospital, with barely any eyebrows left, but what I thought were artfully feathery-pencilled-in fauxbrows. When I checked in the mirror for a last look before exiting the car, the right one didn’t look so good. I tried adding a bit more, and the curse was cast. A little more was too much, so I had to add a bit more to the left side. That proved to be too much, so I wiped it all off. I drew the dots, filled them in and it looked like I was trying to channel Jean Harlow from Bombshell. I supply a poster image:


I scrubbed off both fauxbrows to start all over. By the time I thought I was happy with the right side and started the left again, I saw Jean staring back at me. I wiped off the left side once more, then took this picture, hoping to get a more objective look from a photo than from my visor mirror. I did. It was a disaster! I removed both sides, fluffed the bangs from my wig well over my forehead and into my eyes and vowed not to attempt eyebrows again, but wait for them to grow back.

They’re starting! And I have peach fuzz, and some horrible little eyelashes, but anything will be better than the lizard/alien eyes I have had for the last two months or so. Yay!



13 Responses

  1. you don’t look like an alien to me

  2. Are the Look Good, Feel Better seminars focused mostly on the effects of chemo? I’ve seen them listed around me before, and am interested, because I am seeing changes. But, since I’m not going through chemo, I’m not losing my hair (just my hair color).

    • Hi Liseybee!

      The Look Good Feel Better seminars are for anyone undergoing treatment for cancer, and you certainly qualify! The volunteers are all in the beauty industry and want to help participants with all kinds of effects from cancer treatment—chemo is such a common treatment, with so many side effects, that’s probably why the program sounds chemo-focused. Check them out at and look for a seminar in your area. It was a great experience and I recommend it!

      • Thank you for your response! I will check it out.

      • Hi! Plus, you’ll get a box stuffed with real-sized products—makeup, moisturizers, sunscreen, cleansers—and the conversation around the table is comforting—lots of comparing and commiserating. Thanks for reading mine—I’ll be reading more of your blog!

  3. Eyebrows are hard when you’re starting with a blank canvas! I’m sure you already know about them, but have you tried the eyebrow stencils they sell now?

    • hi! I did see the stencils while crawling the web late at night, and kept saying to myself, “I’ll just wait a little while longer,” mostly because I figured I’d still have to position them, and would never get them straight. This could be the one time a unibrow would be a good thing…

  4. I have never, ever managed to build eye brows. Sigh.
    Marcy Westerling

  5. Oh I can soooo relate to eyebrow drawing drama. Can’t tell you how much time this added to my morning routine. My eyebrows are finally back (came back about 2 months after my last chemo). It saves me 10-15 minutes every morning! Your post made me laugh! The pic was great. Stay strong!

    • Weirdly enough, I got an email from alerting me to the many fine eyebrow stencils they have… I sense Big Brother has been lurking… I’m glad you laughed—eyebrows are impossible!

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