Thank you, whoever you are!


Tuesday morning as I was trying not to rise to consciousness because that would mean starting to worry about my pathology full-time for another day, Tessa wandered up to my room and said:

“I got a weird call just now.”

“How weird? A breather?”

“NO! Not that kind of weird, a nice weird…”

“So, tell me?”

“No, not til later.”

“What do you mean later? What weird call can wait?”

“This one. It’s kind of about you.”

Then followed wheedling, and strategic questioning, and some reverse psychology, none of which worked. So I had to wait until late afternoon to find out what “weird” was.

Mid-afternoon Tessa cleared the kitchen table where she was working on her philosophy course. Not a big hint. Eventually, a really smiley young woman came to the door with a large black cloth bag. Tessa was grinning ear-to-ear, so was I, but like an idiot, since I still wasn’t clear. The woman said that a friend of mine thought that I could use some help with meals right now, and so had arranged to have FIVE DINNERS, from Presidential Catering, delivered starting that night. How could anyone have know the stress level in my head and house? I haven’t given a care about food for this week, and the kitchen shows it. If it wasn’t for Tessa, no one would be eating anything.

The menu was developed by an oncologist. The ingredients are organic. The chef is five star. We have had salmon in citrus olive oil, baby bok choy, rice, an arugula, tomato and sunflower seed salad with a balsamic vinaigrette, incredible cauliflower soup (we’ve had it hot and cold and both are delicious), quesadillas with fresh salsa, and shepherd’s pie, all incredibly delicious. And two more meals to come.

This is such a thoughtful, insightful gift, and the timing couldn’t be better. The worry over this pathology report has had me in pieces. Even now, there is no energy in me. So, thank you, whoever you are. I completely respect your desire to remain anonymous, and that makes this gift even sweeter, that someone is generous enough to give a gift on this scale, and not want any credit or public acknowledgement. Know then that my appreciation is huge, and I feel very humbled by your kindness and thoughtfulness.

And I’d like to say that if anyone is looking for a caterer, I thought Presidential Gourmet was a large-scale catering firm, but these fresh, delicious, clever meals show they can do anything.

Thank you again. Curiosity may have killed the cat, but I’m bigger and stronger than the cat. But maybe someday you’ll tell me who you are?


2 Responses

  1. Wow. How lucky are you? Sounds like an amazing meal from a very thoughtful and generous friend.

    • No kidding! Completely amazing and truly appreciated. I hope one day this anonymous friend will say hello so I can really say thank you. Or maybe that is exactly what they don’t intend to do. I enjoyed the meals and the holiday from food shopping and prep just the same!

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