No pathology report yet—crud, or ^#%@^&!!!


princess-and-the-pea-2Better living through chemistry…

Life after surgery has been pretty crummy for me, hence the lack of activity on my blog or phone (texting or talking). Surgery was on May 22, and my good pain pills ran out on Day 4. After my plastic surgeon told me at the hospital that I would only stay for one night, then be booted out of the hospital, I said, “I sure hope you’re sending me home with plenty of meds.” The plastic surgeon told me, “You won’t need much medication,” and I said, “Oh yes I will,” and she said, “I don’t think so, not for this.” So when the good pills ran out on Day 4 I did not call her office for more. I went through the ends of other bottles—Dilaudid, T3s, and few Ultram, until I had exhausted my emergency supply, and it’s been Advil and naproxen since then, and to very little effect.

Post-surgery fun…

My right arm is half numb, which is really freaky, and half hurting. My right breast aches all the time, the left one less so. When I am lying down with pillows tucked in at all the right support places, I am in my most pain-free state. But it’s hard staying like that. Driving is murder over Toronto roads after this last winter—I embarrass the kids by cradling my chest the entire time I’m driving, gasping with pain with every pot hole I can’t avoid. Even walking hurts, every time my right foot hits the ground. In the house I can walk very goofy, and have no problem. If I walked like that outside the house, I think I would be arrested for drunkenness in a public place.

Sweating to the oldies…

I keep doing range of motion exercises, and others included with my discharge papers. The numbness makes them difficult, since I’m not supposed to strain, but if I’m numb, how do I know what’s straining?

I’m no longer a plumbing display…

The drain, needed because of the removal of levels 1 and 2 of my lymph nodes, stopped working well after five days, and the blood/lymph fluid started leaking out down my side. It was yucky. My CCAC nurse—Stephanie, an amazing woman in her own right as well as an excellent, caring nurse—kept it as clean and dry as she could, and I went in May 28 so my oncology surgeon could give it a good look too. It stopped being effective, and was removed June 2. No gushing, so it’s all good.

Plastic surgeon visit…

I saw the plastic surgeon today. She says my incisions look good, the healing is good, the shape looks good. She put new paper tape over the incisions and gave me the all-clear for showers—half sponge-bath, half Saran-wrap showers have been a pain. All of the removed breast tissue was sent to pathology, and I for one am anxious to get back the pathology on it. Especially hoping for any sign of the missing or invisible primary tumour. At the end of her appointment, she contacted the lab to see if my pathology report was ready, and said I could get the results with both her and Dr. Simpson, my oncology surgeon. That would bump up that appointment from tomorrow to today, and have me getting the news alone, instead of with the supportive presence of my man, but in a couple of seconds we learned my report was not ready, and wouldn’t be, for days. Oh God, more anxiety, a full week of it. I think I need a week’s supply of MDA and a lot of water and a time machine back to the ’80s.

June 11 is the culmination of this particular run of anxiety…

So, the new date for all of you to cross your fingers, wear you lucky lingerie, send good vibes and pray is June 11. Please cross/wear/vibe or pray for a pCR (pathological complete response), with no cancer left in the lymph nodes, and no DCIS in the breast tissue, and evidence of that stupid invisible primary!

Reviving the 20-Minute Workout…

I have come to the sad realization that I am going to have to exercise. SAY IT ISN’T SO!!! With my H/I breasts gone, and C/Ds in their place, my midsection is looking out of proportion (yes, read, fat 😦 boo hoo). Of course, this makes Tessa absolutely grin and quiver at the thought of slave mastering me though exercises and diet/nutrition instruction. I am glad she is so interested in this stuff naturally. I have a pro under the same roof!

That’s it for now. Must rest arm.


7 Responses

  1. June 11th will be your good news day!

  2. 11 – a prime # for Prime News!
    I’ll be doing some ab crunches for you tonight JRW!

    • I’m trying a couple of those today. Anything to pass time until tomorrow’s appointment!

  3. Rest up Sweets, I’ll be with you in spirit on the 11th ❤

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