Now Graydon is the patient


Here’s one way to stop thinking about yourself—have one of your kids get sick, really sick.

Graydon had a headache, cough and pink eye on Tuesday, a headache, cough, fever and pink eye with severe eye pain on Wednesday, drove him to his doctor Thursday morning, didn’t like the hasty dx and prescription, so went to St. Joe’s Emerg (it wasn’t doctor shopping, but looking for the expertise to diagnose and treat a possible corneal infection) and got far more serious eyedrops and a referral to the Ophthalmology Clinic. All the running around and waiting in the car at Emerg—although I have finished chemo, I have no new blood counts to show me where my levels are, so no way was I going inside that emergency department—his wonderful girlfriend went in with him—I slept through the alarm Friday morning, making Luka late for school. After driving Luka to school, I passed out on the couch, and woke up at 2:30. I went upstairs, Graydon came out of his room with blood-red eyes and the left side of his face puffed out like a case of mumps. I told him to get straight in the car, and we went back to St. Joe’s.

By 5:30 a.m., a doctor assessed him as possible measles, which meant isolation, gowning up in those fetching yellow outfits, masks and gloves. Over the next two full days in isolation in Emergency, he was seen by the infectious diseases doctor, ENT, neurologist, had x-rays and CT scan head and neck, and was diagnosed with pneumonia and a walloping infection in his eyes, cheek and ear. He was SO MISERABLE. He was moved into a real room upstairs, isolation again, on Monday. On Tuesday, late in the afternoon, he turned the corner and was so much better! Discharged this afternoon, Wednesday.

Last night, I got sick. Figures. Sore throat, coughing, achy, a fever last night of 99.6 to 100°. Right now I’m at 101.3, which is beyond the limit of staying home when you’re on chemo. So I have called my oncologist and will explain the situation to her. I’m hoping that since my last chemo was three weeks ago, my doc will assume my counts are good enough to stay home. After 72 hours in one Emerg, the very last place I want to go tonight is another.

Will let you know…


4 Responses

  1. Wow, yes I can see how your thoughts would move quickly from yourself to Graydon. Poor kid to have all this happen to him. I sure hope he is feeling better now.
    How are you doing now?

    • Graydon got really sick on Thursday, I got really sick on Tuesday, which is your perfect five-day incubation period for an upper respiratory infection. Tessa was really unhappy with me for staying with Graydon every day he was in the hospital, but as the doctor there said when he was suspecting Graydon had measles, I was already infected on Day One, so I might as well hang around. I’m through the sore throat and fevers now, and it’s just a terrible-sounding cough, which seems to be lessening a little every day. Thank you for asking! I am terrified of having a cough going into surgery, so I am no longer cheering at Raptors games… oops…

  2. hugs and prayers…hope you’re beating the beast…

    • Hi and thank you—hugs and prayers both gratefully accepted. My son beat the beast coming up on 10 years this June, and I hope to be beating it as we speak (type?). Keep in touch.

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