Bald me


Graydon and I were coming back from an appointment Monday morning when we decided to use our Timmy’s rims to get coffees (large latte, yay!). I had taken my cap off while driving, and because we’d been at a meeting, I had used some of my “Look good, feel better” mad makeup skills and looked more presentable than usual. We were discussing my eyebrows and how I know they have thinned considerably, Graydon saying they haven’t thinned, and that all of us have weird eyebrows, when I pulled up to the window.

The woman there looked at me and said, “I love your look!” My look. Waaa? I do not have a look. I touched my hair, oops, no hair! and realized what she meant. No hat, I’m bald. “Ha! Really? I was just saying to my son, I think my eyebrows are falling out too.” “Falling out?,” she asks? “Oh, I’m sorry, I’m on chemotherapy—my hair came out.” “Oh my, I see, well I love your look! You are beautiful! You don’t need hair, girl!” I laughed, said thank you, she said again I was beautiful, and that I was laughing and must be beautiful inside too, and I should love and love every day because every day was a gift.

All of this at a Tim’s drive through.

I thanked her for the kind words, told her she was beautiful, and off we went.

In honour of her, here’s a second bald photo, finally. Can’t say I love it, but at least I can accept it now.



7 Responses

  1. Jackie, you’re beautiful no matter what your outer appearance is, It’s the beauty in your heart that shines through.
    I do say, you rock that bald look though!!
    love & hugs,

    • Thank you for the encouraging words! As the weather warms up, the bald look is feeling better, although I think the wig will win…

  2. That is so cool that the lady at Tim’s liked your “look”. She didn’t know you were on chemo, she just liked your look. So now you can feel comfortable without your hat on. I think you look fabulous without your hat, and your eyebrows look just fine. If they disappear so be it, you’ll still look great without them.
    How are you feeling these days?
    take care

    • I know—she made my day all day long! I still don’t think I can go to the mall with my bare head, but maybe…

      I’m feeling yucky physically and mentally—hoping depression doesn’t set in. I’m going for genetic testing next Tuesday and need to know every little bit of cancer in our family history… Mum gave me a great rundown, but I wondered about you and the cousins, and if there was anything to add there… Could you email me please?

  3. Awesome Tim’s worker! You look good 🙂

  4. You are beautiful in that photo. Your admirer probably thought your look was intentional because you were so un-self-conscious and comfortable with yourself at that moment. I remember playing tennis in a park bald-headed because the scarf was just too dang hot. Comfort was more important.

    • You’re right—when you feel comfortable and confident, it shows. Thank you for the kind comment—I NEVER thought I was so attached to my hair until I lost it. And I would never have called myself vain either. All summer I went bare-headed because of the heat, but now that it’s been O, 2 and 3 degrees, that wig feels pretty cosy…

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