Between sixth and seventh chemos

Weeks Image to Image.

Nothing much to report. First week, lots of pain (got drugs), nails getting yuckier—thank God the seasons that bare toes are de rigueur are not right now, because mine would freak you out—shedding skin, nails warping up and looking like they’ll be leaving their comfy beds soon. I don’t now what to do except ask the onc next visit. Fingernails I am keeping polished with nail hardener and colour, hoping that they don’t turn red and pop off! I’m still getting nausea, so taking those meds, which happen to be old-school anti-psychotics, I was hoping for some fine inner peace from those, in addition to the anti-nausea properties.

Lots of sleep.

I took Luka and two of his friends, plus Graydon, bowling on Friday after school. The three guys played fun games, good-natured competition, or really, the competition must have been within themselves, because I couldn’t see any.

Three months away from work, and as I sat there, with the country crooners twanging the length of the place, I felt like I was playing hooky. Friday afternoon, 3:30, sitting between tables of dudes drinking back pitchers of beer, clapping and whoop-whooping it up with every good throw, it defs had that feeling of making up a story to skip the office.

And I don’t have to.


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