Congratulations Tessa!

Yes! All these people are congratulating my daughter Tessa!

Tessa wrote her driver’s examination for her G1 license last Wednesday and passed, with, Ta-da-da-da-da-da—100%!!! One hundred per cent! Whoop, whoop, whoop! That’s my girl!

So I will be teaching her the practical side of driving, bit by bit, until we explore the costs and benefits of real driver’s ed. This will be a huge widening of her horizons, and I think she is ready for it. When she was 16, 17, even 18, she declared that she could not be trusted behind the wheel because if she caught sight of a spider on the inside of the windshield, she’d stop the car right where she was and run. Not the actions of a good driver. So I never argued with her, told her she’d be a great driver, just suck up that fear of spiders and bugs and small furry things, and the dark, and loud noises… I told her when she was ready and wanted to get her license, I’d support her.

That time has come. We’ll be starting the Mum’s School of Driving when my bone pain subsides and I no longer need the painkillers (bone pain lasts from day 2 to 7 for most women), which means classes will begin next Tuesday. Yahoo! I’m hoping she’ll consider sharing the congratulatory milk chocolate and almond bark I gave her…


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  1. Congrats to Tessa!!

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