Fourth chemo

Farewell doxorubicin, red devil, red death, I am done with you!

Farewell doxorubicin, red devil, red death, I am done with you!

Wow, the chemotherapy portion of my treatment is half over!

Yesterday I got the last of my doxorubicin-cyclophosphamide cocktail, in the Power Port, which worked like a charm, thank God. It still freaks me out to see something sticking out under my skin over my heart, but the nurse doing the push of the two fat syringes of deep red doxorubicin told me how happy she was the port was working because if the stuff she was slowly injecting into the port, that the previous three times was just injected into the IV in my hand or arm, had leaked into my vein, it would have been a major incident, serious damage to the flesh, plastics would be called. So we are very happy the port worked. It wasn’t until now that I found out doxo’s nicknames: the red devil, or the red death. Hmmm, and that, aside from the side effects I have discovered as they happen,  late effects include leukaemia and heart failure. Yuck. That’s why it’s a good thing not to research this stuff. Just plow ahead.

Doctor Brezden was thrilled that she could barely find my lymph nodes this time. She was actually excited. I felt like a wet blanket because I wanted to talk about post chemo, surgery, mastectomy or no, lumpectomy (pretty hard when there’s no primary site in the first place) or no. I had to wind it back and try to enjoy the good news that my cancer is melting away.

The bad news? I put on four pounds in two weeks! What the hell? I was looking forward to incidental weight loss with this cancer deal.

The next four chemos are paclitaxel, or Taxol, and we discussed the pre-medication I’ll be doing—yay! More steroids! Side effects are much the same, only more and more intense. Neuropathy is expected, or should I say dreaded? I don’t know how that’ll mix it up with the hand-foot syndrome, or maybe it’ll bow out in favour of the neuropathy.  We’ll have to see.


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  1. The “cancer is melting away” is my favourite phrase is this post…YAY!!!!

  2. It’s my favourite phrase too!! Just sent you an e-mail Jackie, since I hadn’t seen a blog post in a while and 2 minutes later… Bam! here it is! So happy that you’re doing so well ❤ Jen

    • I’m pretty happy I’m doing as well as I am too. There’s no telling at the beginning how anyone will react to chemo; so far so good for me!

  3. Ha! is your yahoo mail still current? I just checked the address & it could have changed… it’s the only one I have for you at the moment…

  4. “I was looking forward to incidental weight loss with this cancer deal.” It never ceases to amaze me your “cancer blog” makes me giggle. Your irreverence (is that the word I want?) is kickass.
    My friend just had her pacemaker replaced. Before she went in, they told her it was a “newer, better” model. They neglected to tell her it was quite a bit larger than her last one. (Isn’t improving technology supposed to make things smaller?) This is, of course, barely relevant, but I thought of it when you mentioned something “sticking out under my skin over my heart.”
    I’m glad things are melting!

  5. Terry’s neuropathy went away eventually… damn, all that chemo and NO weight loss lol.

    • I know, like, what’s the upside to this damn cancer if I can’t lose a few pounds???

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