A tisket, a tasket, my friends sent me a HUGE gift basket!

thank yuNow, this is a gift basket!

Last Thursday I coughed all night, and that, in combination with steroids for nausea, and non-drowsy Claritin to fight bone pain from the immuno-booster shot, I was unable to get up at 6 to get Luka to his school for the 7 a.m. school bus to Mount St. Louis Moonstone for the school ski trip. It wasn’t hits fault that I was making sandwiches at 3 a.m. because I couldn’t sleep. Or that I then couldn’t get up. What’s a mother to do? I drove him the 131 km to the ski hill, coughing and sipping tea, and found his teachers, then turned around and drove home. Then I had my third daytime nap since the chemo started.

That afternoon, a huge gift basket arrived. I’d talked to Diana, fellow editor and friend, and she’d arranged to have it delivered. Not only did she make those arrangements, but she’s the person who put the basket together, taking up a collection from my friends at work, shopping with the insight of a friend and daily colleague, and then taping and cellophaning and bow-tying. Tessa took photos, so now I will show you all the goodies!

My gift basket on the piano. On the wall, a pencil sketch of me from 1970, showing my somewhat moody disposition that day, and my even-then long hair.

My gift basket on the piano. On the wall, a pencil sketch of me from 1970, showing my somewhat moody disposition that day, and my even-then long hair.


Number one most popular item in the gift basket—this smoothie and slushy maker has been used every single day since it arrived, sometimes twice a day. With mouth sores and my sore throat, this is a godsend. Five Alive, orange juice, cranberry juice (vodka added after), ginger ale and Pepsi have all been turned into slushies. And the protein powder has made its way into everything but the vodka and pop!


Once again, Diana knows me so well. Lavender is one of my favourite scents, the Nighty Night tea helps with my trouble sleeping, and nausea pills? Who on chemo does not need those?


Such a pretty cup, complete with stainless steel diffuser and lid. I am notorious for making cups of tea last forever, so a lid is an excellent thing.


Yes, these teas are as delicious as they look…


L’Occitane is a beautiful store with only beautiful things inside, and Diana knows it. She picked out shea butter hand cream (my skin makes a crocodile look moisturized!), soaps, gels, even the extremely cute makeup bag.


Yes, I’m spending a lot of time on the couch, so this uber-soft throw is perfection. The candles are beeswax, and the soap is lavender.


Hot chocolate and milk chocolate—the best!

So, thank you very, very much to all my friends on the fourth floor at CAMH. Every item in this basket is perfect!


2 Responses

  1. Ooooh, love Green & Blacks. And… can you please take a close-up of the stitch pattern of the throw and email to me?

    • Me too! The throw is woven, simple tabby weave. If I move back home, I could set up my loom in the weaving room and start making blankets again myself. Ahhhh, I wonder if that would be therapeutic?

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