Good news that I forgot to report from the Third Chemo post

The last test looking for a primary site, or I guess for further spread, was a CT head and neck. Around the middle to end of November, I had a number of lymph nodes pop up on my neck and the back of my head, without a good explanation. 

     So, yay!! My test was all clear! My doctor did tell me about an abnormality noted by the doctor reading the scan, and that was for a misplaced left vocal cord, with no growth or anything to explain its position, and would my doctor want a consult? I explained to my doc that when I was 17 I spent weeks in the hospital, sicker than a dog, and was finally opened up to find appendicitis and peritonitis. When my voice didn’t return three weeks post-op, it was discovered that my left vocal cord had been detached during intubation. I had an operation to reattach the vocal cord, which was followed by three weeks of no talking, whispering, coughing, hahahahha! That operation didn’t take! So it was done again, and it did take.

     Amazing that a CT scan could bring up that bit of ancient history…


4 Responses

  1. Holy crap! That ancient history! I remember being there when you were in hospital, post op. Even though you were pretty out of commission we still managed to have some fun. That was a lousy summer for you but I’m happy we still got to hang out.

  2. I forgot to say… YAY! great news! It’s my ancient brain failing lol.

    Also, my daughter Emma just started a food blog today & seems she’s a natural writer!

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