Have good counts, will travel!


Clover is a one-trick pony when it comes to blending in with his surroundings, so we like to celebrate his season with photos of his winter camouflage. Without the leash, you might think he was simply a cute arrangement of little lumps of coal…

The weekend before my chemo, which is every second weekend, is the best time to do things, hence the trip to Continental Hair on Friday, to the dentist the same day, the pharmacy and grocery store, all Friday, and a trip to visit my family in Stratford, Ontario, on the same day.

     I grew up in Stratford, which is in the centre of the Lake Huron snowbelt that stretches from the lake eastward, and dumps phenomenal loads of snow on town and the surrounding plains of the countryside, making for drifts across the highways and low to no visibility when the winds are blowing, as they were Friday night. A 1 hour, 45 minute drive took 3 hours 15 minutes. SUPER TIRING! But I love driving in the snow, secretly, so it was OK.

     We—all five of us, me, Tessa, Graydon, Luka and Clover—stayed at my sis Heidi’s house, in her fully finished attic with three beds, a davenport, and enough room to play touch football. We visited my dad twice, took Clover once, drove Luka to London in crazy-ass snow conditions again for a sleepover with his friend-since-junior-kindergarten-who-moved-to-London-last-year-leaving-a-big-hole-in-his-circle-of-friends Michael. They had a great visit. We visited my Mum at her house and ate Mexican (my mum is an east-coaster, the Mexican was takeout). My other sister Juli and one of her sons, Nic, came to Heidi’s Sunday morning while I was baking sugar cookies for Valentine’s Day (pics to follow). We had a great chat, and did not solve the problems of the world. Tessa crocheted 18 roses for a scarf she saw on Pinterest, and I helped by deciphering the pattern and crocheting the first one. I did a few more too. I taught her to crochet last week, and now she is mad for the craft! We checked out a sweet wool shop in town, and were disappointed by the proprietor—I think she had been outside too long, frozen, and did not know how to thaw out her icy attitude. Too bad, since Tessa could have been parted easily from her money if that woman had even tried to hold a convo with her! We watched Les Miz, six episodes of Canterbury Law, three episodes of Fringe, six of Arrested Development and more I cannot think of. Heidi made a sirloin tip roast, roasted potatoes, big, meaty sautéed mushrooms and onions, and brussels sprouts with lardon (I ate them, I confess, lardons and all, meaning I even choked down the mini-cabbages to get the bacon!).

     Come our departure time of 5 on Sunday, heavy snow was dropping, the plow filled the driveway again, and out the highway, the blowing snow was insane. So, we stayed another night.

     My rating for accommodations and food at Heidi’s Heavenly Hideaway: A++. We will return!


2 Responses

  1. It’s great Tessa’s into crocheting. It’s something I could never wrap my head around (though mom tried and tried to get me into it). Shame about the store owner, though. But I know what that’s like–from the proprietor’s side. If you work in little shops that are really sloooow, you become weirdly territorial. You get all into Doing Your Thing and then suddenly customers begin to feel like intruders. I’m not defending it: it’s shitty for customers and bad for business. But I get it.
    I love that you secretly like driving in the snow. (It adds to my general impression of your badassery.)
    I will confess I like brussels sprouts. This is considerably less badass.

    • I saw a little girl in Metro yesterday, standing with one leg wrapped around the other, leaning over a bin of organic brussels sprouts, diligently peeling away layer after layer of one, tossing the leaves right back in the bin while her mother shopped on. Now, that’s badass.
      ; )

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