Third chemo

I did not make this cool word cluster, I lifted it from

I did not make this cool word cluster, I lifted it from

Chemo number three, the actual chemo part, was OK. What wasn’t OK was my newly inserted Power Port, meant to make needle pokes and digging in my arms for blood return a thing of the past, when actually it caused digging and concern among the chemo nurses with three of them trying to access it and get blood return, but no, no blood return, way too much resistance, everyone squeezing it and touching it and it still tender and bruised (yes, I said that surgeon was amazing because he left no bruises, but the bruises showed up days later, looking not unlike the boot of Italy extending down beneath my unmentionables—hahahaha, it’s breast cancer, what can possibly be unmentionable in this milieu???? beneath my bra and looking yucky. The they stuck a vial of TPA (a protein Drano of sorts) in there, and launched a IV in my arm after all, and proceed with chemo. Sigh. Now I have to go to radiology and have dye injected so they can trace what the hell has gone wrong and certainly there will be an incision and you will hear me shrieking my demands of 4-6 mg Versed all over downtown Toronto. I cannot face that procedure again.

I brought a plate of Valentine cookies for the nurses, and they were gone when we closed down the chemo suite. I hope that made up for the pain in the butt my port was to them. They do these accesses all day, five days a week, so when one doesn’t work, it is frustrating for everyone, not just me (I am trying so hard to be mature here, can you tell?). Next visit, on Feb 11, I will bring a plate for nurses, and a plate for patients too. Any smiles that can be had there will be a good thing.

And Dr. Brezden says my lymph nodes are noticeable smaller, and that the chemo is doing its job. Yay!

Side effects of chemo so far

I think I am doing pretty well.

I had my first daytime nap last Thursday, and another one yesterday, Monday.

No pain (thank you Claritin).

One day of nausea (stupid me stopped anti-nausea meds too soon: NEVER AGAIN).

Mouth sores: flaring up on day 6, ending day 12.

Sense of taste: going haywire. I couldn’t discern any flavour in a bowl of chili today, it felt like my tongue was coated in Vaseline; the icing for my Valentine’s cookies tasted so bitter, I needed the kids to taste it repeatedly. It tasted so bitter I had to stop tasting it. I hope this side effect passes.

No shortness of breath.

No neuropathy.

No depression (thank you SSRIs!).

Look Good, Feel Better

Tessa and I are attending this seminar tomorrow morning at Princess Margaret. I am hoping to find a way to fix the greenish-grey tinge my face has, as well as what to do about disappearing eyebrows, some recommendations on moisturizers, and a lip balm that won’t burn. Report to follow.


4 Responses

  1. “And Dr. Brezden says my lymph nodes are noticeable smaller, and that the chemo is doing its job. Yay”

    DOUBLE YAY!!!!

  2. Glad to hear the chemo is working, sweetie. Thinking about you a lot. Was worried when i didn’t hear from you re Mary’s wig. I had a bit if a scare myself this week, i have a tumour in my bladder i have to have removed Feb 12. I told Andrew he’s a risk factor. :-). Stay strong brave one. Hugs!

    • OMG! And we talked about that when I got the call about my biopsy! I’m glad you’re in so fast, and will be in touch offline.

      • Hopefully it’s benign. So far evidence pointing that way but won’t for sure until they take a proper look. Ok let’s connect when you are feeling ok. XO

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