I have 99 problems, but my hair ain’t one!

I might start a list of 99 things on this blog...

I might start a list of 99 things on this blog…

Thank you, Jay-Z, for the title of my blog this morning (I hope he sees this, despite preparing for the Grammy’s on Sunday night), albeit with a little change. 

I do have 99 problems, but after my visit to the wig centre yesterday—Continental Hair, Toronto—my hair is not on that list; instead, it is on the top of my list of good things that have happened and are happening to me. The stylist gave me more highlights, all very fine and hyper-natural looking. She then glossed them down a tone or two so there was no chance of brassiness. She feathered some of the weight out, added piecey bits to frame the face under the main, longer hair so as to hide the edge of the wig if I decide to wear it up.

It was an amazingly busy morning there, with Elfi slipping back telling stylists of more and more appointments and assignments, but still, the atmosphere was chill (attitude), warm (how are you? can I get you a coffee). attentive (are you sure you are warm enough?) and like hanging out with a new group of girlfriends. Because many clients leave their hair behind, stylists get to sit and style hair on a wig stand without a client to chat with, and I was in the enviable position (for someone who likes to listen to and tell stories) of having two stylists and Elfi to chat and laugh with. We went through what styling wigs is like, the responsibility they feel to their clients because of the special emotional situation many of them are in with regards to losing their hair, industrial tech music in Germany, ’80s bands, boyfriends, good boyfriends, bad boyfriends, new boyfriends, good people who randomly come in to donate their hair to Continental’s Wigs for Kids program (free wigs and partials for kids under 12 with any medical hair loss), alternate realities, the X-Files, Fringe, how red wine and black pepper heated together and taken at bedtime will help you sweat out a cold, and about 20 more topics. All while they worked away, and while I blogged!

Maybe this will be my last post about my hair.

I cannot say enough about my new hair. Have you noticed?


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