Any port in a storm


I cannot sleep. Yesterday, so much hair came out of my high and tight G.I.Jane haircut that I clogged the tub, and had to drive to No Frills at 8 a.m. to buy Drano. Then drive Luka to school, because he miss the bus. Then drive to St. Mike’s for pre-op bloodwork that is different than the bloodwork I just had done six days ago. Then went grocery shopping and went to buy a winter hat to wear to the hospital today, Tuesday, when I have to be there at 7:30 a.m. to have a port-o-cath inserted in my chest, and it is going to be ass-biting cold, and I can’t wear a wig as magnificent as mine (hahaha, I don’t think you wear any wigs into surgery, just like you don’t wear nail polish to surgery). 

Because of the number of bruises and failed blood draws, IVs, tracer injections, etc., my oncologist says I need a port-o-cath put in my chest. I’m fine with people poking around my arms and hands looking for fresh veins, but that’s because I like to hold my trips to surgery to a bare minimum, and this one doesn’t seem like a real necessity to me. But, I am not a doctor. She says that the chemo is very strong, and can cause scarring and blocks, and a chemo burn is a real possibility with the looks of my bruising. 


Graydon had a port. Now I will have one too. 

The procedure takes less than an hour, and after the port is placed, a catheter/wire is fed up my neck!!! Aaaarrraagghhh. That is the worst. She says there’ll be tugging when I move my head, but that I’ll get used to it. Oh good Lord. Why can’t having cancer be easy?

Tessa and I will drive to the hospital for 7:30 a.m. This means that Graydon will be getting Luka up for school for the first time ever. If this happens without a hitch, I will have to do something huge, and I mean HUGE.

My man is coming to pick us both up afterward—apparently this is another procedure after which the hospital staff will not let you drive home. Once again, he comes 80 kilometres to pick me up and bring me home to my house. That is devotion and kindness and chivalry, all rolled into one. I honestly don’t know what I would do without him.


5 Responses

  1. Good luck today…

    • Thank you. I was so nervous, more nervous than the lymph node removal. But it’s over, thank God.

  2. My body is way over here in BC but my heart is right there with you. Imagine me hugging you because I’m flinging hugs across the country so you can feel them ❤ every day. every night.

    • I’m feeling the love. And I’m not kidding. I wonder if your green Jeep would like a roadtrip?

      • My jeep’s middle name is road trip 😀 My current problem is time off work :(Always need more time off work) But we can have a phone chat & try to figure something out < 3

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