Second chemo

Second chemo, and it was 8:30 to 5:00 at the hospital. I am pretty tired, so Tessa has consented to be my guest blogger for this entry. I’m actually excerpting from one of the two blogs she writes, and she writes on her phone, real time, which is so cool, complete with pics that she took at St. Mike’s. She’s a talent.





My mum and I are currently hanging out with my while she gets chemo. These chairs are criminally uncomfortable and we have been here since 9am but we magically manage to make it fun (as fun as chemo can be). I have been her personal photographer today which is someone that most patients don’t come in with! 
     There’s a basket of knitted hats here that are free to patients so she tried them on again to see if she could handle any. She’s not a hat person, you see. She tried them and I took photos so she could see what they looked like and long story short we both nearly had accidents from laughing so hard. I don’t know how much laughter this room sees but we made up for some of the sad. Anyways, back to the hats.  After trying on the “1920s bathing beauty cap” (named by moi) and one with a brim (too much of a cancer hat) we decided on a floppy number. Not great since its a hat and she doesn’t like hats, but it looks almost cool enough for her so we can settle for now. 
     Pics of the hat extravaganza to follow if my mom allows.


Basically, the day is a lot of hanging out punctuated by poison. Chemo, known to do horrendous things to your body. Shitty, but literally a life saver. I can hardly stand it being pumped into my mom but I love it more than hate it. It’s doing bad things to do great things, and that’s a fair fucking price to pay.

“Mom, how would you describe that orangey, red hat?”

“Slouchy, good for at home, good for at bedtime, but personality wise, maybe not appropriate for me on the street.”



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