Haul video from the get well gift basket from my office


I have been busy with my phone and have now figured out how to send video (photos I managed years ago; videos I have never needed to send), so know I can show three things:

  1. My lack of skill in videotaping
  2. My short hair (in terribly backlit kitchen, with very sore throat)
  3. The contents of the gift basket from my office!

The larger problem is that WordPress, where this blog is hosted, asks for $60 a year to be able to post videos. On short-term sick leave, for which I am truly and totally honestly thankful, I only receive 70% of my pay, which, at 100% was difficult enough to maintain me, three kids, pets, a house and a car in the first place. The new financial reality means NO WAY I’ll pay $60 a year to post videos, when I know evey person who reads this blog can click on the link and shoot over to YouTube to see the video, then find their way back to the blog. If there’s a problem, just let me know, and I will guide you.

My new hair cut, lit and filmed poorly:  http://youtu.be/ZTrEfQ3ACpo

The actual haul video:  http://youtu.be/NZToqNbOZ_U

     I have now eaten the chicken soup, the minestrone soup, half of the crackers, the hot chocolate, and today purchased the smallest cut of gruyère so I can make the French onion soup tomorrow.

     Thank you all again!



2 Responses

  1. Get Tessa to take a photo of you with the short hair – looks great on you. I do not think I have EVER seen you with short hair.

    • Check the January 16 entry, where Tessa guest-blogs and there’s a pic of the new haircut. It still doesn’t look like me, and I think I look 10 years older, too.

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