My workplace sends a gift!


When Luka came home from school yesterday, he carried in a huge box (he has a backpack: I do not send him to school with his stuff in a box). It was a plain brown box, making me wonder instantly if someone at this address had ordered something dirty super-private and too big for a padded envelope. Cool!

It turned out to be far more thoughtful and useful than that stupid blow-up Ron Burgundy doll—a gift basket from my office!!!

(While I am playing catch-up to present day with the C ride, doing backfill with content, I’ve been saving the little medical updates that I’m not convinced friends and family actually want to know about. If you don’t want to know, skip this italic section. Even I cannot believe that I already have mouthsores from the chemo—feels like the knife-in-the-throat sensation of untreated strep throat, only over the surface of the inside of my mouth, making toast, bread, crackers, cooked edges of meat, fish, roasted vegetables, rice, blah, blah, blah, torture to eat. I’m doing the warm salt rinses and will move to prescription rinse today, BUT the fact some genius at the office actually chose soup as the theme of this basket is either all-knowing, prescient or very, very lucky.)

Now that the photo is taken, I will dismantle and post a “haul video,” usually teenage to twenty something girls ripping open bags from Victoria’s Secret or H&M or MAC or Forever 21 to inventory their goodies, go to to YouTube, there are thousands. Mine will be a look at the gift basket under the cellophane. And until I can figure out how to bluetooth a video off my phone, you will have to wait in suspense to see the contents of my basket and my in-between pixie cut.

Thank you very, very much to all my friends and colleagues at CAMH, supportive as I discovered this crappy situation, and from e-mails and this gift, supportive still! Thank you, thank you.


A soup-themed gift basket custom-made for someone with mouth sores: how could they have known???


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  1. Mouthsores already? Wtf?! I’m already pissed enough at cancer but now it’s giving my mom mouthsores too? As soon as I get home I’ll make you food out of the cookbook I bought. This is precisely why I got it. I’m sorry this is so crappy 😦

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