I haven’t had cancer, but I wish I could be this centred if I did

I  accompanied my older son, Graydon, through childhood leukemia, from “phantom” aches and pains and emotional outbursts and the loss of his curly eyelashes, to the trips to the doctor and “weird” blood results, diagnosis, finally, at age 8 and then 30 months of unrelenting chemo, until he was 11, and when it was all over I was a mess. And I wasn’t the one with the cancer. (Graydon is now a 6-year EFS dude, not unscarred by the experience, but HERE.)

This morning I got a list titled “This I Know for Sure” from a group I subscribe to—Foundation for Cancer Research and Wellness—written by  Stephanie Mesaric, a 15-year breast cancer survivor, a registered nurse with over 38 years of healthcare experience and a new Masters of Science grad in holistic health. Wow.

This I Know For Sure

As a breast cancer survivor, oncology research nurse and holistic health practitioner, I would like to share things that I have learned along the way. Read the full article

  1. We are spiritual beings on a physical journey.
  2. Victim mentality never serves us well.
  3. Knowledge is power.
  4. The mind is not separated from the body.
  5. Medical professionals do not have all the answers.
  6. Deep breathing is highly under rated.
  7. Our bodies were designed with an innate ability to heal and balance themselves.
  8. Cancer is a cellular disease.
  9. Balance is the key to health.
  10. Life is to be lived in the present.

I’ve printed out the longer, linked, version to give to a few close, close friends and relatives currently learning to live with and battle the beast at the same time. More power (and ondansetron) to you!!


2 Responses

  1. Having just (hopefully) seen off breast cancer I’d agree wholeheartedly with Stephanie’s top ten. It certainly helps concentrate the mind.

  2. He maybe your hero, but alas I have said it before (and got into a fight with your neighbour) and I will say it again…. you are my hero!

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