Welcome to my new home!

momblog1Gosh, it looks almost like my last blog’s home, except I don’t have the classy Canadian Living magazine banner across the top, and I don’t have all those national advertisers, and I don’t have three other bloggers covering off kitchen life, the green life and the national food beat. But I feel cosy all the same, because it’s the same blogging software (thank you, Bill and William), and after doing my blog on their site, with the help and tutelage and encouragement of Helen, Kat, Daniela, Jennifer and Christina, I feel I can go this on my own now. BUT, and there’s always a but, isn’t there???

It’s March Break, and I have promised the next four days to my three wonderful, creative, funny and cleaning-challenged children.

So I will start up with much enthusiasm next week. If you find me on purpose, please say hello! If you find me by accident, please say hello! If you know any good jokes, please leave them. I have a feeling setting this up is going to be labour-intensive, and I’ll be needing all the funny I can get!


6 Responses

  1. Hey there, I have you linked to my blog now! Welcome! Hope you like it here!

  2. Hi Jacquelyn,
    It’s Rebecca Hill! I’ve been following your blog at Canadian Living – it’s such a great way to hear what you are up to, and as always, your writing is insightful, hilarious, and touching. I’ve signed up for the blog at your new home…

    • Hi Rebecca! It is amazing where time goes (no, not really, it just goes out the window with everything else!). I’m on the second go at my blog, and hoping to be more disciplined about it, since I want to start freelancing again, and need evidence I can still string words together. I do not Facebook (too many people there), but maybe you could send me some pics?

  3. I haven’t seen one since this one – have you started the new blog yet?? Happy spring

  4. More!!! When will you be posting again?

  5. So I finally got around to “following” you here & you have been umm shall I say quiet? Miss your writing & hope all is well with you!!!

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