Works for Me Wednesday: one-handed bracelet fastening

Time for a ride on the Works for Me Wednesday blog carnival, now hosted over at We Are That Family. I was flipping through a gadget catalogue the other day—one of those catalogues I scoff at at first, then wish they had a store nearby, and finally have to talk myself into throwing it into the recycle bin before I make an order. Early into this catalogue I happened upon a one-handed bracelet fastener for $9.95.

Hey! I do that myself for free! I take a piece of tape—masking, scotch or sensitive skin first-aid—tape down one end of the bracelet on my wrist and with one hand, squeeze that little claw together and voila, a fastened bracelet all by my lonesome!

For more inspired tips , check out We Are That Family!

And be sure to check back tomorrow for a giveaway—a copy of the new book Do I Need to See the Doctor?


One Response

  1. All these years I have been struggling with bracelets, and here is the solution to my problem – THANK YOU !!
    (I agree, who needs that $9.95 fastener !!)

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