Works for Me Wednesday: The solution to messy kids’ rooms.

wfmwbanner1.jpgI haven’t posted to Shannon’s blog carnival Works-for-me Wednesday in a few weeks, and man, there have been changes. 1) it is now hosted by Kristen at 2) We Are THAT Family (a blog I read regularly and love) and 3) today she is asking us to repost a WFMW post that we really liked. So, Here goes:

I’m relying on the wisdom of my mother again for this Works for Me Wednesday tip. She had four kids in five years, and our beds were made rugs straight and books on the shelves and toys in the toybox for years. She sewed my next youngest sister and me the most exquisite bedroom linens in a blue willow pattern, complete with fancy birds, pretty girls on swings, little men on ornate bridges. She made coverlets, bed skirts, shams with ruffles, even elaborate draperies in several tiers with fancy tie-backs. What little girls in their right minds wouldn’t want to keep that room company-ready??

Fast forward to today. The cute Laura Ashley Owl and the Pussycat border exists only in Graydon’s closet, because after stripping the room, there was no energy left for the closet. The pale green wallpaper with fluffy white lambs holding star-topped magic wands is long gone from Tessa’s room.

So, I find myself following my mother’s lead. When we became teenagers, my mother closed the doors to our rooms. As long as she couldn’t see it, she refused to let it bother her.

I salute my mother, and follow in her footsteps. I shut the doors. I remind the big kids I can’t launder what’s not in the laundry room, and I tell them that ants and earwigs and centipedes will grow from their dirty glasses and plates.

And I just don’t look. It Works for Me! It’s likely lengthening my life. I recommend the practice to all parents.

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ANSWER THIS QUESTION/CHALLENGE OF THE DAY: Are you woman enough, or just tough enough, to close those doors? Am I a lousy mum for being able to? Do you have any spare time to come over and attack those rooms? Do you have someone clean for you at minimum wage plus tips? I’m very serious about that question!


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  1. Congratulations on being a strong & smart mother!!! Close those doors & let them know they are responsible for their “space”. As for laundry my first born got his first lesson on how the washer & dryer work at the age of 10. He was upset I had not washed something of his (& no it was not in the laundry pile) as if I were a mind reader (which I’m really not!!). So he was the first child to become completely responsible for doing his own laundry at 10 yrs of age. Which was great because as soon as his sister (they are all 2 yrs apart) hit 10 she got her lesson on how to do laundry. So basically he became responsible for his clothes & his bedding. Towels & washcloths were all considered “family” laundry. One of the best things I ever did when my children were growing up.
    So yeah close those doors was/ is my motto. And I don’t have anyone to clean for me at any wage (wish I could afford to have someone put my mess in order & help me keep it that way) … just the 2 of us now & I’m the “messy” one sad to say.
    So I’m with you all the way … the reason for my “enlightenment” came from meeting one of my youngest son’s friend. He was a nice boy, with a lovely older sister & their mom was a single parent due to the unexpected death of her husband. Raising the kids by herself forced her to deal with a lot of issues and it also forced the children to learn how to help around the house. My “enlightenment” moment came when I realized if I didn’t teach my children how to do things for themselves who would if anything happened to me?? We strive to help our children to grow up with the right education but if we fail to teach them self sufficiency how will they learn about the mundane chores that must be dealt with on a daily basis?

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