What CAN’T you make from LEGO?!?

these are custom-made by Ochre Jelly. I found them on www.neatorama.com

Futurama LEGO figures?? These are custom-made by Ochre Jelly; find them here.

What parent hasn’t cursed a blue streak when a bare heel met with a little cube of LEGO on a quiet Sunday morning? I’d thought I’d seen or heard it all: Star Wars surface vehicles, giant towers, Sponge Bob and Patrick, Spider-Man and the Joker, ranches with horses, villas with flowers and vines. Even these totally amazing must-have Futurama figures, custom-made by Ochre Jelly and seen on www.neatorama.com. But no. There is something new in the LEGO domain.

Each spring, around the end of April, I can never understand why it is too late to sign Luka into soccer. “Every other Mom and Dad signed up in January, like you’re supposed to,” whines some kid on the other end of the phone. So, last year I asked my dear neighbour Ycart if she saw those fliers I never seem to see, could she save me one. She saw them, she gave me one.





“Hey, Luka, guess what? I signed you up for soccer!”


“Soccer, you know, for little guys. So you can learn how to play.”

“Mum, don’t you know about soccer.”

“What don’t I know?”

“That a guy’s parts can get hurt.”

“Oh, I see.”

“I’m going to need a cup.

“Ah, Luka, I don’t know if they make a cup for soccer.”

“That’s OK!” he said, brightly. “I’ll make it out of LEGO. I’m thinking about it right now, and I think I have a plan!”

My son, the inventor, the innovator, the little guy dropping LEGO, piece by piece, all over the field…

QUESTIONS FOR YOU: do you have LEGO in your house? Are you a closet LEGO-maniac? Did you have LEGO as a kid? What did you like to make? What do your kids like to make? What is THE MOST EXPENSIVE LEGO set you’ve ever bought? Can you estimate what you have spent on LEGO purchases through the years (please try to do this even if it scares you. I’m dying to compare my spending to yours!).


One Response

  1. I used to live for lego. I miss my cousin being young enough that I could play with his.

    And they DO make cups for soccer. You can get hard cups or soft ones. Good luck!

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