Monday rant, #5

Taberon Kaiju, Tokidoki Version, is Italian designer Simone Legno’s contribution to the Kaiju For Grown Ups project. My oldest son, Graydon, is fascinated by these. I’ve chosen this one as my rant visual.

The weekend is over and it’s time to detoxify for the week ahead! My rant this week is all about my car, a 2000 Saturn, a car I have never loved, or really even cared for, and he knew it.

Day 1: the car is running rough when I start it up. Graydon put $10 worth of mystery gas in the night before, mystery because he told me later it could have been diesel. Could it have been? Don’t the nozzles not work when you try to put the wrong gas in? I put in $32 of gold gas, or platinum, or whatever, hoping to reverse the effect of the mystery gas. Halfway to work the car is still rough. I thought, would would my ex have done with the car if this happened? Gun it. So I did, and overshot my exit, and gunned it some more, until I had to get off the highway. When I slowed, it was worse than before, so I hobbled into a Canadian Tire. FOUR AND A QUARTER HOURS LATER, they finally took it into the garage. An hour later, the news: “timing chain, broken, damage in the engine, estimate tomorrow.”

Day 2: $4,500. Cry.

Day 3: rent a car. Talk to brother-in-law Jim, who knows cars. Get one if not two more estimates.

Day 4: estimate might be $3,600, if I’m lucky. HAHAHAHAHA. When I left work at 8, I couldn’t find the key to the rental car. I spent 1.5 hours tramping the building and retracing my steps out to where I went for lunch (of course, I never go out for lunch, but I do on Friday because I will be declaring bankruptcy anyway), 7-11, Tim’s and an adjoining building to my building. No key. Went home in cab. $32.

Day 5: Saturday. Girlfriend with mechanic significant other visit Canadian Tire and examine estimate. He can do it for less. I trust him. They are going through town, and stop at the office garage to see if they can find the key. No dice. I dragged Tessa and Graydon to the office, tore office apart, retraced steps for 2 hours. No key. Had to get towed to dealership to have new key cut. Towing cost: don’t even know yet. Dealership closed. Lot locked. Leave car nearby.

Day 6: no car Sunday.

Day 7: called dealership at 7:30 a.m. Monday. They can’t proceed without OK from rental agency. Speak to rental agency at 7:45. They’ll clear it up an have key cut and call when ready. I called at 11:45 a.m. Rental agency is unable to reach dealership–he left a message. HOLY #%#$%!@^#$&@%^. I get through on the first try. Lloyd, a kindred spirit on the other end of the phone, says he’ll do it. I get over there right quick, he cuts the key, I pay, I have to climb in the passenger side and over the gearshift because I am parked in. I stick the key in and—no engine. Blinky lights. I remove the manual, find the console drawing, see I need immediate servicing. I try to be mindful of my blood pressure. I call the rental agency and I tell them I have reached the end of my rope. They deliver another car. I get to my dentist appointment 15 minutes late to find out yes, I need a crown and a post on that broken tooth. Arrrrrghhhh. Get Saturn towed to my driveway. Order engine (costs less than the repair).

Day 8: work

Day 9: engine arrives. Miracle mechanic starts.

Day 10: mechanic still going. Temperature is not so bad for working outdoors.

Day 11: mechanic is finished! Car goes! Praise be! Write cheque!

Day 12: car back to rental agency.

That’s my Monday rant. Now I can start the week afresh.

Have a rant? Please, feel free to share!


5 Responses

  1. Hey Jackie! That miracle mechanic is a miracle at many other things too! Spread the word for us, spread the word. I am so glad we could help! I am glad it is over for you!

  2. I wouldn’t even begin to top that! Not nearly enough expletives. Hey new week, new month…soon a new season. Keep your chin up!

  3. Of course, I no longer drive, and I could tell some interesting rants about my fellow bus companions. But that can wait until you are in a better place.

  4. Now that’s a total and complete O*M*G !!! Isn’t it so frustrating to be held hostage by a motor vehicle! We need them, can’t live without them. And man, they cost, over and over. I’m just glad to read you had a cry on Day 2. That’s what I would have done. And I would have cried again on Day 4 in the cab on the way home.
    How incredible you had a mechanic angel.
    And in between two Friday the 13ths…… hmmmmm.

  5. WOW !! Your luck could not have been worse throughout that whole episode – it seemed that one thing triggered another and I agree with HenniPenni, not half enough expletives !! You deserve a medal for getting through all that !!
    Let’s hope St. Paddy’s day brings you good luck ….

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