We have a winner!

I am thrilled to announce the winner (I really wanted to announce my winner before the Oscars, but hey, there’s a lot of production to these award things, and my assistant bunked off at the last minute) of the Constant Body Organic Skincare contest: Lauren!

The questions for the contest (and you only had to answer one) were: QUESTIONS FOR YOU: on a scale of 1 (not important at all) to 10 (vitally important), how imortant is organic purity in what you put on your body? How important is organic purity in what you put on your face? How important is organic purity in what you put IN your body? Would you buy a skin care product from the internet after researching it and finding good reviews? Or would you have to be able to try it, or at least examine it, in store before buying? And last, but not least, who would you buy a $12 bar of organic soap for: yourself? your partner? your teen? your grade-schooler? your baby?

Her winning comment:

Great blog! (blogger’s insert: I promise you do not have to say this to win.)
I do use some organic skin care products and have to say they work just as well if not better than regular drug store products. Plus the peace of mind knowing I’m not slathering chemicals all over my skin… but I am not completely converted yet, as it’s difficult to spend twice the money on organic products. I would have to say a 7 on a scale of 1-10.
My husband has eczema and we have yet to find a lotion that really works for him, so it would be nice to try out this new line of products.

Lauren will be receiving a full-size Pure Unscented Body Wash, Pure Unscented Body Lotion and the Organic Olive Oil Pure Unscented Soap. Congratulations! Check out tomorrow’s post, when Lauren says hello from Calgary.


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