Guest blogger: hello contest winner!

could you guess they have a photography studio

Lauren and her husband: could you guess they operate a photography studio?

Hello to Lauren, winner of the Constant Body Organic Skincare products! I always ask winners if they’d like to say hello in the blog, and Lauren said yes. Here’s her hello from Calgary.

I found your blog through an article featured on, though I can’t remember which one! I’m currently subscribed to a few other blogs written by friends near and far. I used to have my own personal blog but it’s been a few years since I last updated it! Instead I have found myself in the world of wedding and portrait photography, and am loving every second of it! My husband and I live in Calgary and have been married almost three years. While no children are in our immediate future, I look forward to someday being a stay-at-home mom and using the flexibility of my photography business to allow me to do so.

You’re welcome to check out our website at, and feel free to contact me or pass on my name to someone you know.

I’ve been to her website, and their work is excellent. They do lifestyle and portrait work in and around the Calgary area, and are available for local and destination weddings. Check out the link!


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