Friday Foto Finish Fiesta: like daughter, like mother


Have I mentioned my 17-year-old daughter has a steady boyfriend? Of course I have! So for Friday’s Fiesta Foto Finale, I offer up a photo of me at the age she is today. That’s me at age 17 with my then-steady boyfriend Lance. His nickname was Lance Romance (for very good reason), he had a part-time job at the fish ‘n’ chip shop so it was his treat for everything, and for Valentine’s he gave me an antique Limoges vase, which I still have. He was a sweetie, and that relationship marked me at my all-time low weight: 88 pounds (which was the result of a life-threatening lengthy illness) (how dramatic!). Life was close to perfect: I had a cute boyfriend, I was skinny, I was alive! And at 17, I’m sure that was the exact order I put them in…

And I’ll toss out a little Lance Alert: if by any chance you know him or his whereabouts, message me. I’d love to say hi again.

Now check out Candid Carrie’s Friday blog carnival. The theme is simple one—post a favourite photo and say why it’s a fave. That’s her spelling up there in the title, and when you visit her site to see the other photos, you’ll see tons of creative Phriday spelling!

Have a great weekend!

3 Responses

  1. I’m sure I would have ranked it the same way,
    that is the teenage ways of prioritizing.

    Great blog…my first time here. Off to look around.

    *Jumped over from C. Carrie…

  2. Good memories. Cute guy (and girl)

  3. Hi Jacquelyn,
    The brown plaid coach, the panelled wood walls and the scarf around the neck all bring back memories from another time. What a happy looking couple you were.

    But I really came to send you my thanks for the lovely prize package from the cartoon contest. I should have mentioned this earlier to you, but it arrived, and I am now being a hero to all my grandchildren as I dole out gifts. Thank you again, and I hope you have luck finding Lance Romance.

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