No unlucky Friday the 13th black cats for Graydon, only Happy Welcome Money and Good Fortune Cat

No unlucky Friday the 13th black cats for Graydon, only Happy Welcome Money and Good Fortune Cat

We were walking very carefully around our house on Friday the 13th this month. It’s not that we all suffer from paraskavedekatriaphobia, but I’ve had some weird things happen on past Friday the 13s, so I take no chances.

Luka, 8, calls it Freaky Friday, and to be true to the Jamie Lee Curtis / Lindsay Lohan / Mark Harmon movie remake, he thought we had to have fortune cookies, just to see if we’d do any body-personality switches like in the movie. Graydon was looking to get down to Chinatown for some shopping, specifically for a gold, swinging arm lucky money cat.

With a PA day off school, it all worked out just fine for a mum and sons visit to Chinatown—they came down on their own, met me at work, and we headed off to a little restaurant for crispy noodle Cantonese chow mein, lemon chicken and crispy bananas for dessert, along with the fortune cookies. Sorry to disappoint, but there were no body-personality changes.

After a slow chopstick dinner, we went through many little shops looking at coral and jade beads, pearls, Hello Kitty beaded purses, Buddhas with big round bellies, tons of cell phone charms, slippers, back-scratchers, you name it. We bought the good fortune gold cat, some charms, a satin lipstick holder with mirror (50¢). We topped the night off with a coffee for me, and hot chocolates for my dates.

When we got in the car we all rubbed the Buddha’s belly for luck and made it home in one piece. Good-bye and good riddance to another Friday the 13th. Now there’s only two more this year—one in March and one in November!

QUESTION FOR YOU: did you get through Friday the 13th unscathed?


4 Responses

  1. No problem. Friday the 13th is wonderful for me – my son was born on a Friday the 13th.

  2. My son was born on a “13th” and will be 19 years old in March – turning legal on a Friday the 13th! Inhis life we have only had two or thre birthdays on Fridays and I don’t remember them being a big deal. However, using them as an excuse to go downtown, rummage in some cool shops and have crispy bananas sounds like an excellent way to spend one!

  3. I didn’t even think about it until dying my hair in the bathroom that night but thakfully it all worked out.

  4. It only occurred to me that it was Friday the 13th while I was driving around the back roads with my 6-year-old heading to pick up my other daughter from a birthday party out in the country and I noticed the gas gauge was on E. Luck was with us though, and we made it to a gas station.

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