Come on kids, play the Brussels sprouts game!

"They should left these in the garden to grow into cabbages."

These tasty veggies once prompted the comment: "They shoulda left these in the garden to turn into cabbages."

Warning: if you think this is going to be a clever, smarty-pants parenting trick that’ll get Brussel sprouts down your kids’ gullet, keep on clicking.

This was sent to me by my littlest sister, Juli, because she is one of those people who always finds the cool stuff on the web. And as she pointed out to me, this bridges the generation gap by taking the Tears for Fears (I still love that band) song Shout and changing the lyrics to include the kid-friendly word “poo.” What more could you ask for?

After you play for a decent score, give the kids a chance, if you dare.

Click here:

Bye for now!


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2 Responses

  1. Hey, I got 560 the first time out and I love the little green things!

  2. Oh if you could hear the giggles coming from my kitchen…. Excellent link. Thanks!

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